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Florida in the Limelight . . . Again

I didn’t live in Florida in 2000 when the nation was focused on the presidential recount. I was one of many who found it simultaneously concerning and amusing. There was a photoshopped meme at the time that I still use in class. Along with that one, I share this: It’s funny, but now that I live in Florida, I would really like to see my state not be the focal point once more when it comes to election miseries. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Monticello & Yorktown: The Tour Continues

Our tour of historic southeastern Virginia continues. Tuesday was a full day at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home. I’ve been to Monticello numerous times, but every time I learn more. Particularly interesting was the interpreter’s talk about slavery at the plantation. He interspersed the overall picture with vignettes from the lives of various slaves who labored there. There were three levels of slavery at the plantation: farm workers; artisans/craftsmen; house servants. One family—the Hemings—was almost slave royalty, resented by those who… Read more »

Moral Courage . . . and the Lack Thereof

The Senate of the United States is supposed to be one of the most august legislative bodies in the world. This is where political maturity should be exemplified. The Founders envisioned a a select group of men [and now women] who would calmly and rationally make the best decisions for the nation as a whole, and not be swayed by pettiness. This is the same body that has long since passed the deadline for enacting a budget—getting close to three… Read more »