The Dedicated Remnant

In case you missed this important announcement a couple of weeks ago from President Obama, let me remind you of it right now: the War on Terror is over! We’ve won! The threats have diminished to the point where we can officially declare it passé. I’m glad to be the bearer of such good news.

Well, let’s be serious now. For a war to be over, both sides must agree it is over:

Endless War

Anyone who believes that Muslim radicalism is a spent force has little connection to reality. That’s why it is imperative that we have at the highest levels of our government individuals who have shown a remarkable ability to be clear-sighted and not easily duped. People like, well . . .

Susan Rice

In case you have Benghazi amnesia, Rice went on five Sunday talk shows the week four of our people were killed in a terrorist attack in Libya. Her message? This was all backlash from an anti-Muslim YouTube video. That fiction continued for a couple more weeks, with the president propping up the story all along. Sorry, but Susan Rice as National Security Advisor doesn’t make me feel the least bit secure.

National Whopper Advisor

A few journalists have asked a very significant question in light of the NSA revelations. If that War on Terror is really over, why are we so obsessed with massive data collection?

War Over

Another question that has been raised is if we are so adept at data-mining for the purpose of thwarting terrorism, how did the Boston Marathon bombers so easily pass inspection? Where was the scrutiny? Could this failure be traced back perhaps to political correctness, our over-sensitivity to offending Muslims?  I also picked up on another problem with the captured Boston terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. After he was apprehended, a segment of our population developed a rather unhealthy fascination with him:

Too Cute

Can a nation that is rapidly losing its spiritual/moral basis stand in the face of an enemy that is fanatically devoted to its false ideology? It’s my conviction that our only hope is that those who know the One who is Truth will be faithful to their calling. As we’re told repeatedly in Scripture, we must be steadfast in the faith. We don’t have to be the majority. God works through the dedicated remnant.

Our Departure from the Laws of God

Four people died in the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent manhunt. Four people died in the Benghazi terrorist attack. We had wall-to-wall coverage of the first, virtually nothing on the second, although that may be changing. Hearings this week will highlight whistleblowers who have tales to tell about this administration’s attempt to cover up its incompetence and failure to act. That failure seems to be the result of lack of desire to call out Islamic terrorism for what it is and to ensure reelection by shoving the event under the rug. As the pressure mounts for the truth to be known, how does our president spend his time? What does he consider worthy of attention?

The NBA player is being hailed as a “hero” for coming forward with a declaration of his homosexuality. It’s kind of an upside-down world when that is celebrated and a solid Christian faith is not:

Here’s another example of how backward we have become morally:

Meanwhile, the jury is still out on Kermit Gosnell. One has to wonder if justice will be served there, given the moral state of the country. Who are the jurors? Will they realize the immensity of the depravity on display? Four died in Boston. Four died in Benghazi. Thousands died at the hands of Gosnell. He is the face of the entire abortion industry, which has rightly been termed the New Holocaust. As with Auschwitz, perhaps we should make Gosnell’s facility into a somber reminder of our departure from the laws of God:

Erecting Our Own Gallows

Yesterday’s post dealt with the ongoing Gosnell trial—the one many Americans have never heard of, thanks to the ideologically biased news media—and President Obama’s speech before Planned Parenthood, in which he pledged his unyielding support of abortion—without ever using the word, of course. Sometimes, the best political cartoons about an event appear after I’ve written about it. I think this one is particularly clear and direct:

I don’t think it’s a stretch to believe Obama is far more concerned about pro-life people than he is about terrorists, especially of the Muslim variety. Just look at his record throughout his life.

As for the Gosnell trial, which is awaiting a jury verdict, another cartoon captured the spirit of the pro-abortion Left and its media lackeys quite accurately:

Speaking of Mirandizing, the Boston Marathon terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was giving information to the FBI and all was going well, until the Obama Justice Department [rather an oxymoron, don’t you think?] interrupted the interrogation to officially explain to the terrorist that he had the right to remain silent. He is now silent. All reports indicate the FBI was taken off-guard with this intervention. They were not told ahead of time this would be happening.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, had the opportunity this past week to review the materials that have been purged from the FBI’s training program. She came away concerned that the bureau is now going too far to appease Muslim-American groups. Due to a confidentiality agreement, she can’t share specifics, but she did say, “This is truly censorship by our government, the government purging itself of documents.”

The FBI began reviewing its counterterrorism materials after complaints from Muslim groups who were upset by comments linking strong Muslim beliefs with terrorism. So the bureau created a five-member advisory panel, which included three Muslim experts, to decide what to throw out. The result? Nearly 900 pages were removed from the training documents. We’re more concerned now with hurting someone’s feelings than getting at the truth.

In the wake of the Boston bombings, Attorney General Holder has decided to warn the country against retaliation against Muslims. Right. As if that has been a big problem. Americans are just so prejudiced and heartless, aren’t they?

Our problem has more to do with foolishness and lack of vigilance than it does with some mythical rise of anti-Muslim violence. We’re erecting our own gallows.

Obama & Islamic Terrorism

When Nidal Malik Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar” and killed thirteen and wounded twenty-nine at Ft. Hood in 2009, the Obama administration refused to call it what it was: Islamic terrorism. The Department of Defense classified the attack as simply “workplace violence.”

Remember the comical attempt by Janet Napolitano, our chief of Homeland Security, to rename Islamic terrorism as “man-caused disasters”?

The September 11, 2012 Benghazi terror attack, which killed our ambassador and three others, was blamed on an obscure anti-Mohammed video, not on the real perpetrators, and the administration has stonewalled on that incident ever since, blocking access to the truth about Hillary Clinton’s role in the fiasco.

Now, with the Boston bombers, we are seeing the same approach—refusal to call it what it really was. Aided by their compatriots in the media, the administration tried to deflect attention away from the Islamic roots of this latest act. They hinted it might be “right-wing extremists” since the bombings took place on tax day. They were disappointed.

One almost expected another Benghazi explanation:

President Obama tells Americans not to rush to judgment. Fine. We haven’t. We can see clearly what’s happening. It’s the federal government that is blind:

Why the obfuscation? A longtime reporter who has excellent sources, Bill Gertz, has come up with the answer. Here’s what he has written recently:

U.S. officials familiar with the FBI’s counterterrorism training program and its controversial public outreach program to Muslim groups said FBI policy toward Islam—that it should not be used to describe those who seek to wage jihad or holy war against the United States and others they regard as infidels—has prevented both effective counterterrorism investigations and training.

The officials said the problem is that most field agents understand the nature of the threat but have been hamstrung by policies imposed by senior FBI leaders who are acting under orders of political appointees in the Obama administration, including Islamic advisers to the White House. The policies have prevented the FBI from conducting aggressive counterterrorism investigations of Islamic radicals or those who are in the process of being radicalized.

In other words, this is the official policy of the Obama administration: never blame the Islamists for what the Islamists do. The FBI is hampered by the political appointees, some of whom are Muslims, who actively prevent honest investigations.

There are some who will immediately jump on this to say that Obama is a Muslim. Well, if he is, he’s the most non-observant Muslim in the world. No, he is, and always has been, a convinced Marxist/anti-colonialist who sees Muslims as a group oppressed by the West. Every once in a while that attitude sneaks out for all to see, but he usually keeps it mostly under wraps, schooled as he is in the Saul Alinsky tactic of working from the inside to revolutionize the nation.

The Boston Marathon bombings are just another example to showcase the Obama worldview. This insidious, destructive worldview needs to be more fully exposed. Americans need to wake up and realize whom they have placed in the highest office in the land.

So Who Needs Pressure Cookers Anyway?

President Obama suffered a stunning defeat the other day when gun control legislation failed to pass Congress. His statement afterwards was vintage Obama: arrogant, whining, blaming. This has become a wearisome pattern these past four-plus years. The fact is, none of the proposed legislation would have done anything to prevent gun violence.

The Boston bombers had unregistered guns. Boston has strict gun control laws. That worked well, didn’t it? How many times do we have to be shown that criminals and terrorists don’t pay any attention to those laws? They only work against law-abiding citizens who wish to be able to defend themselves should the need arise.

The terrorists who set off the bombs at the marathon used pressure cookers, not guns. If we wish to follow the gun-control advocates’ logic, this is where we will need to go:

And of course we’ll be assured it’s not a threat to take away all cookware:

Did you notice that the president continues to have a hard time connecting dots? When the Ft. Hood shooter shouted “Allah akbar” when he went on his murderous rampage, we were told not to jump to conclusions as to his motives. The two Boston Marathon bombers were devout Muslims who took jihad seriously. YouTube videos and linked Internet sites from the the older brother make this abundantly clear. Yet, once again, we are cautioned not to assume their religion motivated them. We’re always, it seems, investigating “why” these terrorists do what they do. And this administration is loathe to ever admit the obvious truth:

This political correctness is going to be the death of us—literally—as Joe Biden would say.

Unfair & Unbalanced

As regulars readers of this blog know, one of my principal concerns is the manner in which the news media present—or fail to present—stories. A twin concern is the entertainment media, with its subtle undermining of Biblical morality in its programming. There are also times when the mainstream news media act almost like entertainment media. When it’s hard to tell the difference, you know we’re in deep trouble.

The events of last week with the Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent chase and investigation of the bombers gave the media an opportunity to redeem itself. With the exception of Fox News, it failed miserably. If you followed closely what was proclaimed on many of the networks, you heard a variety of commentators practically falling over themselves in hopes that the bombers would prove to be angry Tea Partiers. The worst offender, naturally, was MSNBC, with Chris Matthews, as usual, leading the way. Disappointment reigned supreme when the bombers were revealed to be Muslims with ties to radical groups, perhaps even Al Qaeda. The networks’ theme was destroyed.

They also were adept at their other primary tasks:

Sometimes it could get rather comical, despite the seriousness of the story:

Meanwhile, the other massacre that should have held our attention remained in the deep background:

After all, in the view of the mainstream press, some stories really aren’t stories at all, particularly when they challenge their ideology:

If you still expect fair and balanced reporting from any of the major networks besides Fox, you’re living in a fantasy world.

Passing Thoughts

There are just too many stories this morning, so I’ll offer some passing thoughts on a number of them. We have to begin with the Boston Marathon bombings.

  • Unlike many of the liberal news anchors [forgive the redundancy], we need to withhold our speculations on who is responsible for the attacks that killed at least three. There is no need to rush into accusations. Wait and see where the evidence leads.
  • Apparently, all the pressure on the media to cover the Kermit Gosnell trial is working. For the first time, reporters from the major networks and newspapers have decided to watch the proceedings. That, by itself, is only half the battle; the second half is ensuring what they report is not skewed.

  • In their heart of hearts, they’d rather be elsewhere, reporting on what they consider to be the breaking news stories of the day:

  • Speaking of the media, we now know that there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant:

  • On the healthcare front, it seems Obamacare’s true nature is being revealed—by its own supporters and those responsible for carrying it out:

  • Then there’s the budget President Obama has presented, increasing the debt annually forever and ever. Amen. It even calls for all four-year-olds to be enrolled in school. Hey, it’s never too early to make the government one’s real family. Even though his new budget is a monstrosity, he continues to make ludicrous statements about his bipartisanship:

  • Fortunately for us, his new budget is getting the same reception his previous ones received:

  • I began with the Boston Marathon; I’ll end with it: May those who lost family and/or friends in this terrorist act find their true solace in the love of God displayed through His Son. May those who were injured in the blasts turn to the only One who can provide healing, both physically and spiritually, and comfort. May those in the vicinity of the tragedy who escaped serious injury come to the recognition of their mortality and how they might have to face eternity at any time, and may they turn from their selfishness and turn toward the Cross and the Empty Tomb. May those who were there and already know the reality of repentance and forgiveness, be God’s arms and hands in the midst of this turmoil.