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The News Media & Reality

There was a time in television news when the only sources were CBS, NBC, and ABC. We were all subjected to essentially the same “newsworthy” stories, deemed so by the powers-that-were at those networks. They still march in lockstep, but they’ve had to deal with competition with the burgeoning of alternative sources, particularly on the internet. The cable news outlets that have arisen—CNN and MSNBC principally—are no different than the original three networks, with MSNBC merely an outgrowth of NBC…. Read more »

Ever-Diminishing Journalistic Integrity

The national attention had barely been drawn to Aurora, yet for one newsman—a term used loosely in his case—the speculation abounded. Brian Ross of ABC had done “research;” he had found a James Holmes in Aurora who was a member of the Tea Party. Keep in mind that the story was only a few hours old at most, and he was attempting to draw a connection. Of course he was wildly wrong: the James Holmes of the Tea Party was… Read more »

The Real Purveyors of Hatred

I would like to introduce you to Eric Fuller, in case you haven’t yet heard of him. I’m not sure how much coverage this man is getting in the mainstream media, but he just may be the face of the unhinged Left. Fuller was in the crowd in Tucson the morning that Jared Loughner decided to unleash himself on the world. Two of Loughner’s bullets hit Fuller—one in the leg and the other in his back. His injuries were not… Read more »