William Kirk Kilpatrick


From Psychological Seduction:

True Christianity does not mix well with psychology. When you try to mix them, you often end up with a watered-down Christianity instead of a Christianized psychology. But the process is subtle and rarely noticed. I wasn’t aware that I was confusing two different things. And others in the church who might have been expected to put me right were under the same enchantment as I. It was not a frontal attack on Christianity—I’m sure I would have resisted that. It was not a case of a wolf at the door; the wolf was already in the fold, dressed in sheep’s clothing. And from the way it was petted and fed by some of the shepherds, one would think it was the prize sheep.

When people hear I’m involved with both psychology and Christianity, they generally assume I’m working on a synthesis to bring the two closer together, to patch up whatever few remaining differences there might be.… It is true that popular psychology shares much in common with Eastern religion; in fact, a merger is well under way. But if you’re talking about Christianity, it is much truer to say that psychology and religion are competing faiths. If you seriously hold to one set of values, you will logically have to reject the other.

Selected by Dr. Alan Snyder