Democrats & Infanticide

One of the few senators I still respect is Nebraska’s Ben Sasse. He has remained a voice of principle and conscience in a Republican party that has lost its way in the “New Tribalism” of our politics.

Sasse took the lead in bringing a bill to the floor of the Senate that demands that any child born alive after an attempted abortion must be treated as a human being and given all the medical care necessary to sustain life. One would like to think that such a bill, and such sentiments, would find hearty and unanimous approval from everyone. One would be wrong.

In a vote that required 60 senators to allow the bill to go forward for an actual vote on its passage, only 3 Democrats found a conscience, thereby dooming the bill’s approval.

What this means is that nearly the entire Democrat establishment has now decided that infanticide is perfectly fine. Now, from my perspective—I believe that an unborn child is already a human being with all the rights of anyone outside the womb—any abortion equates with infanticide already. But sanctioning the killing of a child out of the womb is more jolting, and hopefully will awaken whatever moral conscience stills exists in the citizenry as a whole.

As for Democrat politicians, I’m not sure the moral conscience can be awakened. They have taken a step that most in an earlier era would have never dreamed possible:

Weep for a nation that allows this. Then, while weeping, continue to work for change.