A Culture of Corruption on Both Sides

There is a growing angst in the hinterlands about our choices in this upcoming election. In the evangelical community, a divide is opening between those who have decided to support Donald Trump and those who cannot do so. As we navigate this divide, let’s please avoid personal invective and accusations against those of us who cannot vote for Trump, that somehow we are conspiring to have Hillary Clinton elected.

I will repeat: in my view, both Clinton and Trump are equally unacceptable. As I told some yesterday in a Facebook thread, it would take a Road to Damascus experience for me to change my mind on this. I am always open to such an experience provided I know it comes from the Lord and not just the anxieties of men.

How anyone could ever think I want a Hillary Clinton presidency is beyond me. Back in 2001, I wrote a book on the Bill Clinton impeachment because I know the depth of depravity that exists in that family. Over the years of writing this blog—eight now, to be exact—I have steadfastly tried to point out the corruption of the current Democrat nominee. The idea of a Hillary presidency sickens me.

That’s why I’m so disturbed by the option this year. Just when we had the opportunity to defeat the most defeatable candidate Democrats had to offer, we threw away that opportunity by nominating someone who only has an R after his name, but in reality, is just an alternative corrupt Democrat.

Keep in mind that, until recently, Trump was a donor to Clinton, both to her foundation and to her campaigns. So which do you want, Clinton or Clinton’s donor?

What do I really think of Hillary Clinton? First, I don’t care that she’s broken through some kind of artificial glass ceiling. If Republicans could give the country a woman of stature like Britain got with Margaret Thatcher, I could celebrate a woman taking the reins of the presidency. Not so with Hillary.

Organized Crime Family

In my view, the Clintons have been a crime family from the start of their political marriage. Let’s be honest—that’s all this marriage has ever been, a way for both of them to take power and enrich themselves personally.

I’m not sure Hillary can even distinguish anymore the difference between truth and falsehood:

Not a Glass Ceiling

She’s so practiced at lying it has become second nature. Had to run from sniper fire in Bosnia? No. A video caused Benghazi? No. She didn’t use her political offices to funnel money from foreign governments through the Clinton Foundation? No. Previous secretaries of state used private e-mail for official communications? No.

How many presidential nominees have simultaneously been investigated by the FBI? Anyone else even accused of what she has done with her private server, etc., would have been indicted by now. Does anyone think that’s going to happen via the Obama Department of Injustice?


These are only the most obvious examples of what the Clintons have to hide. What else will eventually emerge?

Bigger Closet

Even zombie Democrats have had to think twice before settling on her as the nominee. Her corruption and fingernails-on-the-blackboard style of speaking led many to try to upend her with an avowed socialist who thought it was a grand idea to spend his honeymoon in the Soviet Union. Bernie Sanders groupies have had to face the reality that he was up against a polished political machine; they never had a chance.

Ride Is Over

So now we are down to two: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. After the litany I’ve just given, some will ask why I can’t at least hold my nose and vote for Trump to avoid a Hillary presidency.

Honestly, I keep trying to make myself go in that direction, but every time I try to do so, I come up against a brick wall because I believe he is just as corrupt in his own way. I believe he is a pathological liar who will tell evangelicals what they want to hear now and desert them later. I believe it is more important not to tie myself to any corrupt pathological liar who attempts to insult and destroy anyone who stands in his way of taking power.

Here is where we are:

The Race

I cannot connive with the unrighteousness of either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. I will have to choose another route. I don’t yet know what that is, but to keep a clear conscience before God, I must do so.

Some of you will disagree with my decision. You are certainly free to disagree and share with me why you do. I would only ask that all disagreement be conducted in a spirit of Christian charity. If you have decided you have to vote for Trump, that is your decision before God. I have made mine.