Christians in the Military: Under Attack

Wes ModderNavy Chaplain Wes Modder is in trouble for holding to his Christian beliefs. Modder is a decorated chaplain who has performed his duties for nearly two decades. Just last October, he was praised in a performance review as being the “best of the best” and a “consummate professional leader” who greatly exceeded standards in the vast majority of categories.

So what happened?

He is now accused of disrespect toward those he counsels. Why? Because he tells them the truth: homosexuality is sinful, out-of-wedlock sexual activity is sinful, and getting pregnant while unmarried is sinful. It all has to do with that little word “sin.”

Now, anyone who knows basic Biblical views on sexual morality won’t be shocked by Modder’s beliefs and that he would counsel military personnel to avoid such activities. He’s been counseling in this manner for his entire career. Why the accusations now?

It all began after a “married” homosexual man was assigned to be his assistant. They conversed on the topic of homosexuality; the assistant then filed a complaint against Modder. He found a handful of sailors Modder had counseled who were willing to go along with that complaint. Now Modder faces dismissal from the service.

Under Barack Obama, this is now the state of the U.S. military. Christian beliefs that fly in the face of the current political correctness now put one’s job in jeopardy.

I can hear the voices now: he must have been abusive or this is only one incident and you can’t draw conclusions based on this. First, there is no evidence of abusive language or behavior. If that has been his pattern, why has it never surfaced before? Why now, only after a homosexual man filed the complaint? Second, this is just one more example of what is becoming a rising tide of intolerance toward Christians in our country. If you think this is merely an isolated incident, you are not paying attention.

Chaplain Modder is being represented by the Liberty Institute. May true justice be done. May Chaplain Modder be exonerated fully. May our dearly won religious liberty be preserved.