The Clinton Chronicles (cont.)

If any of you think you have Clinton nostalgia, might I suggest it’s more likely you are suffering from memory loss? Both Clintons have a track record of money-grubbing, lying, and stonewalling information when they are investigated.

Forget, for a moment, the most obvious example of Clinton perifidy—Bill’s continual infidelity and all the activity that led to his impeachment. Forget Hillary’s “loss” of records in the Whitewater fiasco that eventually were “found” in her office after all, once all incriminating documents were undoubtedly excised. Personally, I wish I could forget that they ever inhabited the White House.

Now, however, the female part of this duo, thinking the nation owes her, is ready to announce her candidacy for the highest office in the land. After Benghazi, after the Russian “reset” button, and the near-total disaster while she was overseeing foreign policy, one should wonder where she gets the nerve. But she is counting on faulty or nonexistent memories in voters and the hope that they aren’t paying attention to what is now being revealed.

Such as? We now know, while she was secretary of state, that the Clinton Foundation was receiving donations from foreign countries. Might there be something inappropriate with our primary official who carries out policies with foreign nations getting money from them simultaneously? That should be a rhetorical question. But if you ask her, what will she say?

Foreign Contributions

And now, just this morning, I wake up to the news that when she took the office of secretary of state, she immediately set up a personal e-mail account through which she conducted all official business. In case you’re not aware of it, that’s against the law, which requires that all government business be carried out via one’s government e-mail address. Otherwise, there is a greater chance of information being hacked and stolen. It’s a security measure.

Well, no problem, Hillary and her aides say, because we will now turn over all those e-mails to the government. After they have been vetted by her staff? After all offending information has been conveniently removed? She knew the law, but she chose to go around it anyway. This was deliberate. What was she trying to hide?

Shades of Whitewater.

Yet this is the person who wants to lead the country. Are we really that foolish?