Christmas Images

Christmas is fast approaching. I thought I’d do a little experiment, so I typed in “Christmas” on Google, then went to whatever images it chose to highlight. Hundreds appeared. Many were quite beautiful, like this one:

Glowing Christmas Trees

And there were those that make you feel warm and comfortable, evoking perhaps memories of Christmases past:

Christmas Tree & Fireplace

A multitude of pictures featured someone intimately connected with Christmas:

Santa Claus

Others were admittedly rather cute: 

Christmas Cute

Some even attempted a message of sorts:

Christmas Message

Nice and general—vague even—and certainly not offensive in any way. Neither does it say anything significant about the essence of this celebration. This is the message you will get from a plethora of “holiday specials” on television during this season:

Christmas Special

Out of all the Google images, only a few ventured to offer something like this:

Christmas Reality

It’s become a cliché, of course, to remind people to “keep Christ in Christmas,” but it is called “Christ”mas, isn’t it?