The Totalitarianism of Government Compassion

Let me just speak from the heart today without any cartoons. I’m deeply disturbed by a number of developments in our nation, but one comes to the forefront of my mind this morning as I sit to write. Unless this is changed, there is no hope for turning around the trajectory of our culture.

In the Roman Empire, government officials had to come up with ingenious ways to keep the populace under control. So many of the people were unemployed that there was always a fear of the people rising up against the government. To keep them occupied, the officials provided “entertainments” such as gladiatorial contests, etc. To keep them fat and happy, they increased government handouts. The combination produced a docile and subservient population, looking to the government as savior. Eventually, the empire transferred the responsibility for defending itself to non-Romans so that the Romans could bask in their indolence. We know how that ended.

The United States has learned all the wrong lessons from Rome. While I am no fan of the income tax and would like to see it replaced by another system that would be more fair, it nevertheless provides a marker to determine who is providing the financial wherewithal to conduct business as a government. Currently, we are approaching the 50% mark for those who pay no income tax at all. All government operations are funded by the other 50%. What does this portend for the future? Does anyone think the 50% who pay no tax will ever vote for a party that promises to ensure that everyone pays toward the maintenance of the government? Or will they instead vote to continue the free ride for themselves?

This is also the 50% that receives the bulk of government welfare. They feel they deserve to continue receiving it. They will vote in such a way as to ensure it never changes. So we are rapidly reaching the place where the current system will be locked in; there will be no hope for change.

That’s where the Obama administration wants us to go. And it is this president’s goal to play the Marxist, class-warfare game in his bid for reelection.

Here’s where it gets even more disturbing for me: many Christians fall for it.

They think this is the compassionate approach. They equate it with Christ’s call to help the poor, when in fact all it does is create more poor. It also cultivates a mentality that is dependent on the government for sustenance. In essence, it sets up the government as the secular god. Once Christians take that stance, no matter how much they may protest their primary allegiance is to Christ, in practical terms they look to the government first. They have adopted a form of idolatry.

Harsh words? I speak them advisedly.

I want to see the church be the church once again. I want Christians to be set free from reliance on an anti-christian philosophy of government. Accepting government as the provider of all good things is one step from accepting totalitarianism. And once the government controls everything, don’t expect that you will be allowed to have religious liberty. You will learn too late that you have sold out for mammon. What’s worse, you will have dragged the rest of us into the same morass.

It’s time to wake up and heed the warnings. A vote for Obama and/or anyone who shares his philosophy is a vote toward this totalitarianism.

I can hear some people thinking: Oh, you’re just a Republican ranting against Democrats. No, I’m a Christian sincerely seeking to reestablish a Biblical way of thinking in our society. Anyone, Democrat or Republican, who takes us down the road to totalitarianism is working against the principles of the Kingdom of God. My allegiance is to Biblical truth, not to the Republican platform.

In the attempt to obtain what we call “social justice,” let’s not overturn justice itself.