Another Reason

In yesterday’s post, I offered my rationale for why liberal/socialistic policies are not consistent with a Biblical worldview. That, for me, is foundational. My decisions rest on whether something passes the Biblical principle test.

However, there is another reason for rejecting those policies. It can be summarized quite easily: they don’t work. They never have. They never will.

The miserable condition of people who have lived under that system is plainly revealed in the Soviet Union and other countries that gave themselves over to it. For Christians who are concerned about what they call social justice, I urge you to consider that social justice has been a victim of those policies. Socialism does not help the poor; it merely makes everyone equal in their poverty, a type of “share-the-misery” program. Except, of course, for the elite who call the shots. They do quite well.

I’m reminded of a couple of jokes that President Reagan liked to tell about the wonderful communist–socialist system. The first:

People who live in the Soviet Union tell many funny stories, often as a form of underground protest. One is about the question: What is a Communist? The answer: A person who has read the works of Marx and Lenin. And the question: What is an anti-Communist? The answer: Someone who understands the works of Marx and Lenin.

Then there’s this one:

You know, they say there are only two places where communism works: in heaven, where they don’t need it—and in hell, where they’ve already got it.

Right to the point—and accurate.

Why would we ever want to travel that path? Even more, why would anyone who names the name of Christ encourage others to support it?