Principle: Sowing & Reaping (Part III)

I’ve spent two days talking about how important it is to sow Biblical principles in our society. Yesterday, I noted that no matter how well we sow, there will always be those who refuse to accept God’s truths. Sowing the right seeds will not automatically result in reaping the right harvest. The soil/heart in which they are sown must receive them. Yet there is the promise from God that sowing the right seeds generally will bring a good harvest.

In early America, many Biblical seeds were sown. That’s not to say that everything was Biblical or that everyone was Christian, but a consensus did exist in that society, a consensus that accepted the Biblical framework of thinking.

Critics will point to problems such as slavery to try to question this assertion, but all I’m saying is that people generally agreed on the Biblical basis for understanding how society should function. This agreement led to some rather positive developments, not the least of which was our federal republic form of government. Marriage was a respected institution, established by God. Moral values were based on Biblical concepts. Yes, people violated them, but the violations were noted and disapproved.

About the middle of the nineteenth century, with the ascendance of Darwinian thought, the seeds that were being sown began to change. Today, the elites of society—in government, the media, and education—have pretty much accepted the new consensus: man is not a special being made in the image of God.

These new seeds have led to disastrous changes: abortion is now commonplace, the push is on for same-sex marriage, we have a mania for saving “Mother Earth” (a pagan idea), and the government is moving ever more relentlessly toward socialist control of every aspect of our lives. We have adopted the idea that our Constitution is a “living document” that can be altered by any judge with a desire to place his or her stamp on the future. The state now controls most education. We will learn whatever the state deems appropriate.

Psalms 11:3 declares:

If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

I will comment on that in the next post.