Pull Out of Politics?

I am linking to an article by commentator Kathleen Parker. It is entitled “Christians at the Gate.” The thesis is that the Christian Right has failed in its endeavor to influence politics. The culture war has been lost. She then quotes some Christian leaders who say that we instead need to model the character of Christ rather than press for political change.

Please do read it and feel free to comment. The main problem I see with the article is that it seems to present the dilemma of an either/or situation. It’s as if one cannot be involved in political life and simultaneously display the character of Christ.

There was a time in my life when I thought it might be better for Christians to just fly under the radar, concentrate on cultural change outside of politics, and set aside ambitious goals in government. After all, government is not our savior. But after a while, I realized that it is not one or the other—it is both. We work with people one-on-one to bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ while doing our best to stay the hand of the Destroyer in the political realm.

Yes, there are some Christians who allow political involvement to overshadow everything else. They are in danger of setting up a false god. But there are also those who avoid any cultural confrontation politically, thereby silencing the Christian voice in the public sphere. We should do neither.

The Lord is Lord of all aspects of life. Nothing is outside his Lordship. When Christians fulfill their responsibilities, no matter what the arena, they are bringing His Lordship to bear on the culture—government or otherwise.

This, I believe, is the task the Lord sets before us. When we accomplish it with the proper spirit, we honor Him.

One more point: He never said we would always be successful, but He does require obedience and faithfulness to His calling.