A Massive Exercise in Self-Deception

So, the election is over. America has made its choice. The American people will now have to live with that choice for at least four years.

McCain & Palin: Concession Speech

John McCain’s concession speech was gracious, perhaps too gracious. I understand why he did it. You cannot appear to be a sore loser. He handled himself well. Yet I don’t think he ever clearly understood the Obama threat. Is Obama really an honorable man? Should we congratulate him on his victory?

Christians are not supposed to hold any grudges or slander anyone. I will do neither. But that doesn’t mean Christians are to act like nothing is wrong. Election to the highest office in the land does not erase the issues that led me to oppose Obama’s candidacy. We are to honestly face the facts, and here are the facts as I see them:

  1. Obama’s policies are radical. He wants to sign into law a bill that will remove all restrictions on abortion. He believes in the Marxist principle of redistribution of people’s incomes by the government. He will brook no real criticism by political foes. Prepare to see attacks on his foes either by the IRS, the FBI, or the Federal Communications Commission (for those in the media who critique him).
  2. Marxist dictators like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela consider Obama an ally. Chavez has destroyed political liberty and freedom of speech in his country. In the Middle East, Obama is far more attached to the Palestinian cause than the safety and survival of Israel.
  3. His friends, from whom he has tried to distance himself, reveal his true persona and philosophy: a domestic terrorist who now masquerades as a professor while spreading radical ideas in the classroom; a former spokesman for the PLO; a pastor under whom he sat for more than 20 years who is devoted to Marxist liberation theology and who uses race as the basis for all his reasoning (otherwise known as racism); the ACORN organization, which promotes voter fraud. There are others, but these are representative.
  4. Throughout his campaign, he positioned himself as a moderate, effectively concealing his radical philosophy. Now, with a compliant Congress, he will attempt to push the country further in his direction. He will not do so in a frontal attack, but gradually, making people believe that his ideas are good for them.

Americans, upset by the economy, decided to trash the Republicans, even though most of the blame for the current situation rests with the Clinton administration and Democrats in Congress. I was told by one student that a professor at a conference noted that most Americans have a second-grade understanding of economics. I believe we see evidence of that continually.

Americans wanted change. Now they have someone who wants to change the world, but not in the same way a Christian desires. It is purely political, not spiritual. And whatever spiritual nature is attached to it is more New Age than Christian.

So do I congratulate Obama for winning an election? Many people have won elections, but did not carry out God’s will in office. Winning an election means nothing. Do I respect him as our new leader? I must pray for him, for the government over which he will soon have responsibility, and for the nation as a whole. That is my Christian duty. And I will respect the office of the presidency. Yet I cannot respect the views he holds; if carried out the way he wishes, they will lead us to ruin–politically, economically, and spiritually.

What has occurred in this election, I believe, is a massive exercise in self-deception. People think they have found the answer to their problems. They will be disappointed.