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My Little Megaphone

I feel eclectic today—no overarching theme, just some scattered thoughts. I watch the presidential campaign unfolding and see the same old bias in reporting. Nothing ever changes there. The mainstream news media also has a hard time recognizing real news: Then there’s the overwhelming evidence that the government that’s supposed to keep us safe has no idea what it’s doing. The 95% failure rate for the TSA in a test to see if they can stop weapons from coming through… Read more »

A Taxing Issue

So what’s going to happen with the Bush tax cuts? Democrats are in disarray on the subject; Republicans want all cuts extended, noting that one group—the so-called “rich”—should not be penalized. After all, that is the group that creates jobs. Ideological blinders, however, mask that reality. To some, those who create the jobs are the greedy perpetrators of inequality. Those critics are the equivalent of the TSA on the economic front: The taxpayers, in their view, are the repository from which… Read more »