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The Reid Agenda

Sen. Reid sure had an ambitious agenda for this lame-duck Congress. Considering how much he wanted to do, it would have been good if he had a year or so to present everything; instead, he tried to cram it all through in a few short weeks. But “Dr.” Reid hasn’t been all that successful, thankfully. The $1.1 trillion omnibus bill bit the dust late Thursday. He warned the Republicans that if they didn’t support it, the government wouldn’t have the… Read more »

Last Tuesday's Elections

I’ve waited a few days before commenting on Tuesday’s elections. The pundits are still punditing, and they disagree on the significance of what took place. Now that’s a surprise. I don’t know if I qualify as an official pundit or not—not sure I really want the title—but I would like to offer some thoughts on what transpired. The obvious loser, a point on which all agree, was Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter. The 80-year-old Specter [on the left] lost the Democratic… Read more »