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Facts? Who Needs Facts?

I haven’t yet mentioned the now-infamous story that appeared in Rolling Stone (not exactly one of my daily reads) alleging that a freshman girl at the University of Virginia was gang raped at a fraternity. In response to the article, the president of UVA suspended all fraternities and sororities on campus. There’s only one problem: the incident never happened. Genuine journalistic reporting shows that none of the “facts” in the story aligned with reality. Rolling Stone has been forced to… Read more »

The Akin Agony

Now that most of the known universe has chimed in on Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin, I’ve decided it’s my turn. My procedure for commenting on events is often to allow the dust to settle a little bit so I can get the true lay of the land. I’m always concerned about rushing to a judgment before I have a full grasp of the facts and fallout. Enough time has passed since Akin became a household name; it’s time… Read more »