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The Week in Review

Let’s review the political highlights from last week. Economic advisor Larry Summers announced he is leaving the administration, making him at least the third high-level economic advisor to seek greener pastures. Of course everyone who leaves says they would be doing so regardless of the current economic situation, which remains a quagmire. Are they actually running away from what they have created? But not to worry—there are still great minds the president can lean on for economic advice: The one… Read more »

Are You Serious?

On Thursday, there was a “debate” in Nevada. I have to put that in quotes because one of the debaters failed to show up in person, thereby saving himself the embarrassment of having to answer questions. His name is Harry Reid. He was there—on video. That allowed him to say what he wanted without any real give-and-take with people who might ask hard questions. When his video ran, the audience largely allowed him his say; there were no unseemly outbreaks… Read more »

The Republicans' Pledge to America

Just words. That’s the criticism I hear already about yesterday’s unveiling of the Republican plan if they can retake Congress. Well, all good things begin with words, which lay out the rationale for action. Let’s see what some of those words are. The document starts off with a statement of principles. I’m always attuned to that; I want to know what is guiding the specifics that follow. It mirrors the Declaration of Independence, agreeing that our Creator gave us unalienable… Read more »