The Campaign Show

This presidential campaign is certainly a show, if nothing else. I do believe it is something else, however; most of the GOP candidates are at least addressing the issues. But we have had our fair share of strange moments.

When’s the last time the supposed frontrunner for one party was being investigated for federal offenses, the kind that could land a person in prison? The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal e-mail server handling top-security matters and the manner in which she enriched her family through a phony charitable foundation has become increasingly serious.

In her last debate with the other erstwhile Democrat challengers, Hillary uttered words that were immediately applied to her by many:

Too Big

The irony seems to have been lost on her. What is particularly galling is that Gen. David Petraeus, for a lesser violation, is being singled out for possible reduction in rank and prison time. Can anyone say “double standard”?

Change Your Name

What’s really funny—in the sense that anything about this can be labeled as funny—is that a man who should be merely an also-ran in this race, Bernie Sanders, is picking up momentum:

Feel the Burn

Sanders, an outspoken socialist (as opposed to the rest of the Democrats who don’t want it to be known that they too are socialists), is ahead of Hillary by double digits in the New Hampshire polling and is about even in Iowa. This is not the way Hillary’s shining path to the nomination was supposed to happen:


The Republican side of the race has attracted even more attention, thanks to the Trump circus. The media just can’t seem to help themselves:

Pied Trumpeter

Trump has taken advantage of the failed leadership in the Republican party to attract a devoted following, so devoted, at least in his estimation, that they will never desert him no matter what he says or does. As he infamously joked a few days ago, he could shoot someone on a public street and his supporters would still vote for him. As I commented in yesterday’s post, the saddest part of that statement is that it’s probably true for a significant segment of his loyal fans.

Yet when his rhetoric is analyzed without bias, there isn’t really much “there” there. Is it possible that may change in the upcoming debate on Thursday?

More Serious


Yes, Hillary, This Is Serious

It’s as if she doesn’t even realize she is in trouble. I’m talking about Hillary Clinton. She airily dismisses all allegations about her secret e-mail server and confidential communications she conducted in an unsafe manner. She even continues to say there were no confidential communications, although we are now up to more than 300 identified (and I may be behind on the latest calculations).

Now we discover a small company in Colorado, connected to the Clintons, housed that server in a closet in a bathroom. Real secure.

Let’s be clear. No other secretary of state or other high federal official has ever conducted all business on a personal e-mail server. This is the height of foolishness, at the least, but also potentially criminal. This is not going away.

E-mail Scandal

Richard Nixon was driven from office for trying to protect his subordinates from investigation and prosecution, and in doing so, stepped over the line. Yet that was only a political indiscretion during a campaign. Hillary’s indiscretion may have opened up all of her e-mails to Russia and China. That’s far more serious.

Gen. David Petraeus, as CIA chief, was convicted for having confidential materials in his home office and sharing them with one other person. Comparatively, what Hillary has done is worse, especially since she took it upon herself to decide what to turn over to the State Department and then attempted to destroy all the others. If Petraeus had to face the music for his actions, why should she be allowed to dodge the legal system?

Fancy Meeting You

Can you imagine if the candidate who did this happened to be a Republican? Do you honestly think the party would actually put forward that person as its nominee for the presidency? Panic is beginning to bubble to the surface, but it’s not easy for Democrats to know where else to turn:

Recycle Bin

Meanwhile, Hillary will maintain her innocence and try to make jokes about it all. Those jokes keep falling flat, by the way. She is a Clinton, so in her mind she is exempt from consequences. Clintons always get what they want and thumb their noses at what they consider to be petty legalities:

Got Nothing on Me

If, God forbid, she ever attains the highest office in the land, it might be a unique inauguration:

Repeat After Me

Let justice be done.

Petraeus & the Hope of Restoration

Each day seems to bring new revelations with respect to the David Petraeus-Paula Broadwell affair. I’m going to assume you know the basic facts; my goal is to reflect on what it all means for the country. This is not a simple sexual scandal; it goes far beyond that.

Petraeus, until his abrupt resignation last Friday [even notice how all these big news items are disclosed on Fridays when fewer people are paying attention?], was the director of the CIA. He was preparing to testify before Congress about the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya. That has now been postponed. All indications are that Congress will subpoena him soon.

Prior to this lurid episode, Petraeus was a genuine hero in many people’s eyes, particularly as the successful strategist for the surge in Iraq. He was known to be a straight-laced, moral man. Now all of that has changed, and he is in disgrace. I know that is as it should be; there are consequences for our sins. Yet I can’t help but wish those consequences could have been applied more consistently in our history. Some politicians seem to be able to dodge the condemnation they deserve. Any idea who might cross my mind on that score?

The one saving grace of the Petraeus bombshell is that the Benghazi coverup might get more attention from the media now. Until this occurred, only Fox News was really on the story. Could this be the wakeup call? If so, why would the Obama-loving media finally want to delve into the distortions and lies that have been peddled by the administration? Why would it suddenly become so interesting? Bottom line: sex sells.

On Benghazi, we’ve been treated to contradictory timelines, an attempt to blame it all on a video, and highly suspect scenarios. David Petraeus is square in the middle of what happened there. Perhaps he can clear up the foggy picture the administration has tried to promote. Why was security so lax? Why were calls for help ignored? Was this “consulate” really just a gun-running operation for rebels in Syria? Were we holding Libyan militia as prisoners there? So many questions, so few answers. All we get is stonewalling.

On a personal level, I want the best for Petraeus and his wife. I sincerely hope their marriage can be healed. We also need healing on the national level, but I fear new revelations will expose the thin tissue of lies and obstruction Obama and his people have constructed. That’s fine, though. Healing can only come after sins have been revealed. I have little hope for repentance from the administration itself, but perhaps the electorate may experience pangs of remorse over their cavalier reelection of a failed, ideologically driven president. That would be at least the first step toward a restoration so badly needed.