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Les Miserables, Whittaker Chambers, & Delayed Revelation

One of the best movies I’ve seen in some time and one of my favorite historical subjects of study come together. First, the movie. I saw Les Misérables a couple of weeks ago and have intended to write about it. Too many other pressing topics intervened. Yet it’s still around in theaters, so if I can encourage anyone else to see it who has neglected to do so, I will have performed a public service. At first, I wasn’t quite… Read more »

Movie Review: Unconditional

As I left the theater on Saturday, the words that came to my mind most readily were “beautifully done.” I had just experienced a movie that was the rare combination of high-quality acting and production values and a solidly redemptive message based on God’s unconditional love. The film, Unconditional, is the best Christian-themed product I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t preach at all, yet the message is crystal clear: bitterness and revenge destroy; the reach of God’s love extends into the… Read more »

2016: Obama’s America Review

Whenever I consider seeing a movie that either has a Christian theme or a political stance with which I agree, I admit to having anxiety over whether it will be worthwhile. Will the production values be top-notch or will they try to get away with inferior work? Will the message be heavy-handed or finessed, with solid background and/or documentation? I even wonder if I’ll find myself in the midst of a protest against the film that could lead to violence…. Read more »

Movie Review: October Baby

Christians don’t need to be embarrassed anymore by the quality of films depicting a Biblical worldview. The Narnia movies have made that clear, and there have been others lately with explicit Biblical themes such as Robert Duvall’s Seven Days in Utopia. The most recent entry into this genre is October Baby. I saw it last night; it was superb How would you feel and what would you do if you discovered at age nineteen that you were adopted and that… Read more »

Movie Review: Letters to God

I always approach films written primarily for Christian audiences with some trepidation. Many have been subpar in production values. One of the best to date has been Fireproof. Now the same director, David Nixon, this time with professional actors, has upped the ante. Letters to God, written by a father who lost a son to cancer, uses his experience as the basis for a movie about a young boy dealing with the disease. His response is to write letters to… Read more »

Oscar: Ask Me If I Care

I’m a great movie fan. My undergraduate degree was in radio, TV, and film production. I love a well-scripted, poignantly acted story. They are certainly in the minority, but I appreciate them whenever they appear. That’s why I liked Blind Side, which is up for Best Movie this time around. Sandra Bullock was superb in her depiction of the Christian mom who invited a lost soul into the family. The actor who played that part was excellent also. Do I… Read more »