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Tuesday’s Elections: Not a Conventional Analysis

Four states on Tuesday held either a caucus or a primary. As with last Saturday’s results, one can again go with the conventional analysis and give the night to Donald Trump or one can look a little deeper. I choose the latter. Now, there’s no denying that Trump won three of those four states and that it moved him closer to the nomination. But it didn’t get him as far as one might want to think. Neither are the trends… Read more »

Right to Work

Right-to-work laws are not difficult to understand. They mean an individual should not be forced to join a union in order to work. It used to be called liberty. An increasing number of states are catching on; the latest is Michigan, which last week joined the right-to-work states, thereby championing liberty while raising the prospects for greater prosperity within the state. The big unions, though, are violently opposed to these laws. I use the term “violently” on purpose, primarily because… Read more »

Moral Courage . . . and the Lack Thereof

The Senate of the United States is supposed to be one of the most august legislative bodies in the world. This is where political maturity should be exemplified. The Founders envisioned a a select group of men [and now women] who would calmly and rationally make the best decisions for the nation as a whole, and not be swayed by pettiness. This is the same body that has long since passed the deadline for enacting a budget—getting close to three… Read more »

Michigan Musings

The Arizona and Michigan primaries are now behind us. Arizona went as expected, 47% for Romney, 27% for Santorum. It was a winner-take-all primary, so the Santorum team was wise not to spend money there. The focus was on Michigan, which went for Romney 41%-38%. Both sides will of course spin for the greatest PR effect. For Romney, it is a win, but he had to sweat. It was not the steamroller his people had expected before Santorum’s rise. If… Read more »

Santorum’s Rapid Rise

It’s turning into a tidal wave, particularly in the Midwest. What am I talking about? The rapid rise of Rick Santorum in the polls. All you have to do is watch the faces and hear the incredulity in the voices of cable news hosts to know that something is happening that was more than a little unexpected. A series of new polls coming out of Michigan show Santorum leading Romney anywhere from four points to fifteen. Not a single one… Read more »