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Fulfilling My Calling

Since many politicians say “let me be very clear” without really meaning it, I hesitate to use the same phrase—but I do want to reemphasize something. It is not a delightful thing to me to constantly point out the hypocrisies of our president and his administration. I do so only because I believe it needs to be done. It would be far more edifying and and enjoyable to write always about examples of integrity and truth-telling. Yet I feel “called,”… Read more »

These Two Issues Again?

The Arizona illegal immigration controversy and the oil spill continue to dominate the news. That’s enough to make me want to write about something completely different. Well, maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ve got some great cartoons to fill the space today—on those two issues. We’re on the verge of the federal government suing Arizona. How ironic. There’s Arizona on the front lines of tackling the illegal immigration problem, and what does the federal government do? This is a pretty… Read more »