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A Question of Character

As a nation, are we so jaded and cynical that one’s personal character doesn’t matter anymore? When someone runs for the highest office in the land, shouldn’t we have greater expectations of that person than, say, someone who picks up our trash weekly? Might we want to weigh character along with one’s accomplishments? Who am I talking about, you ask? Isn’t this the same person who only got her political stripes because she married a man who ended up as… Read more »

The State of Our Union

The State of the Union Address is tonight. I used to enjoy watching some of those, especially when Reagan was president. Now, not so much. Everyone knows in advance what President Obama will say. He’ll be on the attack, blaming Republicans for stopping his agenda. He may even repeat his threat of a few days ago when he said he would go around Congress and operate by executive orders. He’s already been doing that, to the extent that he can… Read more »

The Four Pinocchios Award

Political cartoons usually provide the best humor on current events, but sometimes a regular cartoon can do so without intending to. Let’s see if this Garfield cartoon makes you think of someone in particular: Maybe I’m too politically attuned, but I caught a glimmer of our current leader, perhaps striking a pose similar to another disgraced president: Yes, he has similarities to Mr. Nixon, except he’s taken the art of lying to a new level. Even the liberal organization Politifact,… Read more »