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Exporting Jihad

Another installment of Mark Steyn’s America Alone today. Chapter four is entitled “Flying the Coop: Big Mo vs. Big Mac,” in which he says “the biggest globalization success story of recent years is not McDonald’s or Microsoft but Islamism. … It was a strictly local virus, but the bird flew the coop.” Muslim states now form the largest bloc on the UN Human Rights Council, “which explains why that pitiful joke of a council does nothing for human rights.” Islam,… Read more »

Egypt, Islamism, and a Grim Future

What are we to make of the uprising in Egypt? I am not an expert in Egyptian affairs, but a little history lesson might help here as we ponder what might happen next. Egypt was one of the earliest enemies of the state of Israel. The wars in 1967 and 1973, in particular, were primarily between Egypt and Israel, although other Arab countries joined in. In both cases, Israel came out on top, especially in 1967 when it gained a… Read more »