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A Place at the Feeding Trough

Yesterday’s post highlighted the lack of civility we’ve been hearing from one side of the political spectrum. One of the examples I gave was Teamster President James Hoffa. Sometimes the best cartoons show up after I comment on an issue or event. Like these: The large unions are the greatest beneficiaries of President Obama’s largesse. Stimulus money flowed into their coffers. If he should happen to be voted out, they lose big time. In order to maintain their prominent place… Read more »

About That Call for Civility in Political Discourse

There are some statements made by politicians and political activists that I hesitate to comment on, particularly when they are distasteful and/or include wording I wouldn’t ordinarily want to highlight in a blog devoted to Biblical principles. Yet there are times when I feel somewhat forced to say something. This is one of those times. Two recent rants come readily to mind. The first emanated from Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California. In a speech just over two weeks ago, she… Read more »