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Poster Child for the Zombie Nation

If you haven’t seen “The Life of Julia,” you need to Google it. She’s a fictional character created by the Obama campaign to demonstrate how government helps people. If you watch the entire thing, though, you come away with the distinct impression that people—perhaps women, in particular—are utterly helpless without government aid. This campaign ploy is the best/worst advertisement for  the cradle-to-grave nanny state that I’ve seen in some time. “Julia” only succeeds because of government. There is no mention… Read more »

A Culture of Corruption

The Secret Service and the General Services Administration [GSA] have dominated headlines this past week. The first of these two agencies, tasked with protecting the president, should be the most professional of all government entities. Yet a number of the agents preparing for Obama’s trip to Colombia decided the best way to spend their time was with prostitutes. Besides the obvious immorality, there is the possible breach of security that could be associated with their foolishness. Can Obama be blamed… Read more »