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Revealing the Heart

He keeps revealing his true self in blatant ways. It’s almost as if he can’t help himself. The real heart of a man cannot be hidden; what’s on the inside will have to show up on the outside no matter how one may try to hide it. To what am I referring? President Obama’s comment in a teleprompter-less speech the other day to a campaign crowd. I’m sure most of you know which comment I mean—the one that demeaned individual… Read more »

The Obama Referendum

The Republican primaries have been getting most of the attention lately, but when everything settles down and the general election begins, the focus will shift back to President Obama. This election is going to be a referendum on his policies. Part of that referendum will be his push for “green” products paid for by taxpayer money. Starting with Solyndra, the number of companies that received stimulus money and then went bankrupt is increasing. It seems as if any Mickey Mouse… Read more »

Obama’s Green Dreams

You would think after the bankruptcy of Solyndra, which received half a billion in taxpayer stimulus money, and now a number of other “green” energy companies folding despite government largess at the taxpayer expense, that the president would rethink his support for such boondoggles. Instead, he’s doubling down and seeking to spend more of our [your] money on enterprises that cannot compete in the marketplace. When one is inspired by an ideology, however false, it’s difficult to face reality. On… Read more »

Green Cronyism

I keep thinking about that $17 billion that the Obama administration spent to create green jobs. You know, the $17 billion that averaged out to nearly $5 million per job? If you ask how can anyone pass out money in such a reckless way, there is an explanation: From a Biblical perspective, I do believe in being energy efficient. But we’re only going to get there via the free market, not through what is termed “crony capitalism.” However, with the… Read more »

Down the “Green Hole”

All last week, the “green” scandals grew. The one getting the most press had to do with a solar energy company, Solyndra, that obtained a government-backed loan of more than half a billion dollars. The company was such a bad risk that the Bush administration refused the loan. Yet when Obama took over, it suddenly was on the table once more. To the credit of the government officials who investigated Solyndra, they steadfastly warned the White House not to go… Read more »