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Our Survival as a Free People

Over the past few months, I’ve periodically quoted from Mark Steyn’s America Alone because it so cogently expresses what has gone wrong with the Western world’s view of reality. Most of his critique has centered on Europe, which is further down the road toward delusion than America. Of course, he wrote the book before we elected Barack Obama as president; we’ve been trying to catch up to Europe ever since. Yet there is still, even in the age of Obama,… Read more »

Is There Anything Left to Die For?

Chapter six of Mark Steyn’s America Alone, “The Four Horsemen of the Eupocalypse,” has some poignant comments on the state of modern Europe and its reluctance to deal with the radical Islamic threat. Without too much commentary of my own, I just want to share some of his insights with you. What do you do to make terrorists like you? Germany has one answer: In 2005, responding to Islamist terrorism in Britain and elsewhere, Germany was reported to be considering… Read more »

The Transatlantic Divide

This is another installment of my ongoing series on Mark Steyn’s book America Alone. Previous posts have highlighted the problems facing Western society, particularly in Europe, with respect to the possible takeover of that society by radical Islam. Chapter 7 of his book is called “The Four Horsemen of the Eupocalypse: Eutopia vs. Eurabia.” Steyn already has pointed to the demographic demise of Western Europe and how the loss of Christian faith has led to a spiritual vacuum in those… Read more »

Multicultural, Relativist Mush vs. Radical Islam

On Saturday, I shared some thoughts from chapter five of Mark Steyn’s book America Alone, but couldn’t finish that chapter without writing a tome of my own. The central message of that post was how the West gives in to radical Islam with scarcely a murmur. I ended the post with the question, “What is the underlying problem that allows this abject cowardice to flourish?” The rest of the chapter is Steyn’s answer to that query. The bottom line to… Read more »

European Weaklings

“Men are from Venus” is what Mark Steyn calls the third chapter in his book America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It. Wait a minute—isn’t that supposed to be “men are from Mars”? You know, real men who stand up for the right and defend the weak? Well, according to Steyn, that’s not what we see anymore in Europe. The nanny state has become so all-encompassing that European nations have been reduced to weaklings, and we… Read more »

Demography vs. Delusion

The title of today’s post is the subtitle to the second chapter of Mark Steyn’s America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It. The main title is “Going … Going … Gone.” What’s he talking about? It’s an extension of his first chapter where he wrote of declining birth rates in all of Europe and the increasing Islamization of European culture. In the second chapter, Steyn focuses on the apparent death-wish of certain European states. In Russia,… Read more »

Alarmist or Realistic Assessment?

A couple days ago, I introduced you to a truly significant book by Mark Steyn–America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It. It analyzes the spread of radical Islamic culture in the West and concludes that if we stay on the present course, that culture will overtake all of our Western heritage. I also said that I intended to provide salient points from the book over a series of postings. Today’s post begins that journey as I… Read more »