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If You Don’t Feel Safe . . .

The most important and vital duty of the United States government, and the main one sanctioned by the Constitution, is to protect and defend its citizens. For that to be operative, those who are temporarily placed at the head of the government must be able to recognize the threats and deal with them effectively. It is crucial that we have a president who can clearly identify the real threats, and not actually sympathize with the enemy. We are in a… Read more »

The September 10th Mentality

It’s entirely appropriate that President Obama addressed the nation on September 10th because it accurately reflects his September 10th mentality. His speech last night, while superficially tough in language on some points, nevertheless revealed the deep divide that exists between his worldview and the worldview of those of us who see a genuine threat from Islam. He practically began the speech with a disclaimer about the ISIS terrorist organization, saying it wasn’t really Islamic. What’s next? Apples aren’t fruit? Clouds… Read more »

America Alone

One book I’ve been wanting to read for a long time is Mark Steyn’s America Alone. Now, having read it, I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The subtitle is provocative: The End of the World As We Know It. His thesis is that most of the Western world is gradually submitting to Muslim sensitivities to the extent that Islamic culture and Sharia law will soon overtake nearly all Western European countries. When that happens, America will stand alone… Read more »