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Well-Coordinated Strategy?

It’s never my intent to stay on one story for an entire week, but the Herman Cain situation calls for it, especially when new info keeps coming on those who are making the accusations. For those who say a Christian shouldn’t spend time on these tawdry details, I simply reply that if someone’s reputation is on the line, and those who are damaging that reputation have things to hide themselves, they are fair game. Seeking truth is not wallowing in… Read more »

On Negative Campaigning

Well, we’re on schedule: it’s an election year and everyone is decrying negative campaigning. If I were ever to run for office—perish the thought—I would want to be as positive as possible. My goal would be to lay out my beliefs on the proper use of governmental authority and tell people what I would want to accomplish. That’s actually the Calvin Coolidge model of campaigning. It seemed to work well for him. Would I ever go negative? Here’s where some… Read more »