The SOTU on Abortion & Socialism

If President Trump would always speak like he did last night in the State of the Union Address—on script, reasonable, avoiding inflammatory campaign rhetoric—he would become a much more effective chief executive.

Thank you, presidential speechwriters, for the two major highlights for me: exposing the abortion/infanticide lies and a strong denunciation of socialism. Neither made the Democrats in attendance very comfortable. Good.

As one looked over the House chamber on the Democrat side, it was almost as if one couldn’t walk anywhere without tripping on an announced presidential contender.

How anyone can continue to bleat out the discredited promises of socialism despite all the obvious failures is a testimony to the allure of ideology that turns its eyes and ears away from inconvenient facts. The latest example, of course, is Venezuela.

Yet all of those Democrat hopefuls continue to tout the benefits of government control of the economy—and ultimately, of our lives.

I can see Venezuela also, and it is not the prescription we need.

The Democrats’ mad dash into the evil of abortion/infanticide (I believe all abortion is actually infanticide) and the utter foolishness of latching onto the failed ideology of socialism should lead to a mass exodus from their party.

I say should. Sadly, I’m not convinced it will. We are a depraved people overall—uncaring about the taking of innocent life and out to get what we can for ourselves at the expense of others. Politics is never the final answer. Only a spiritual renewal will change who we are.