The Antifa Cancer

In the wake of the Charlottesville turmoil I wrote a post condemning the white supremacists who initiated the confrontation. I don’t agree with President Trump’s comment that there were nice guys among the crowd of Nazis, etc. Nothing about any ideology that promotes racial supremacy and racial inferiority is “nice.” If you want to review my comments, go to the calendar on this sidebar and click on August 14.

In that same post, I also pointed out the problem that exists with those who rose up in opposition to the white supremacists, led by a mob that calls itself Antifa.

Notice that this group dresses all in black and covers their faces. They also carry clubs and other articles of weaponry wherever they rear their ugly heads. As I look at them, I’m reminded of Mussolini’s thugs or Hitler’s Brownshirts.

In their minds, they believe they are anti-fascist (thus the odd name) and are on the cutting edge of opposition to the neo-Nazis and their compatriots. In fact, they are, by their own rhetoric, anti-Christian, anti-capitalist (comrades Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Che would have loved to link arms with them), and anti-America.

Antifa is not the vanguard of liberty; it is quite the opposite. While the news media has been slow to recognize what they really stand for, some political cartoonists have shown a greater instinct for analysis:

A meme I used in my earlier post remains relevant:

Michael Ramirez, one of our best political cartoonists, captures the reality well:

The latest incident occurred on the Berkeley campus (where else?) as Antifa thugs attacked someone they decided was a Nazi (he wasn’t) and beat him unmercifully. Fortunately, bystanders intervened and probably saved his life.

Antifa showed up at Berkeley to stop a rally in favor of free speech. They succeeded.

Let’s be honest about who Antifa seems to emulate:

Conservatives and Republicans (not always the same) came out immediately and distanced themselves from the white supremacists. Not so with the liberals/progressives and Democrats, who have remained largely silent about Antifa. I’ll give credit to Nancy Pelosi for calling them out the other day, but hers is the only voice on that side that I’ve heard saying anything critical about Antifa’s ideology and methods.

If Democrats have any lingering shred of decency left, they need to rise up against this violent, fascist organization, and not consider them political allies.

White supremacy needs to be condemned. Antifa needs to be condemned. Both are a cancer on our society.