My Forthcoming Lewis Book

C. S. Lewis 5During my sabbatical year in 2014-2015, I finally had the time to fulfill a dream—research and write about C. S. Lewis. Out of that sabbatical emerged a book-length manuscript that I hoped would find a publisher.

That hope has now come to fruition.

A Christian publisher, Wipf & Stock, has accepted my manuscript, and the probable date for publication is late summer-early autumn. My goal in this book was to shed light on how Lewis has influenced/impacted Americans. No one has written a book yet that focuses on that aspect of his life and legacy.

The last hurdle is to receive permission from the Lewis Company in England to quote from his many letters to Americans. I’m praying (and hope you will also) that the permission is granted without any major issues or objections. A speedy permission also would be nice.

Working title? C. S. Lewis in America: His Enduring Influence.

My book on Whittaker Chambers and Ronald Reagan, The Witness and the President, came out this past November. The Lewis book now makes two in one year, a feat I probably never will accomplish again.

I am grateful to Southeastern University for granting the sabbatical. I am eternally grateful to God for the opportunity to put into writing what He has placed in my heart.