Another Personal Reflection

This daily commentary takes stock of current events in light of Biblical truth. It’s just who I am. I don’t have to force or impose a certain meaning on those events because I quite naturally interpret everything through that Biblical prism. Today, I want to step back a bit and simply be thankful for what the Lord has given, and what He has allowed me to do. We should all do this regularly.

I’m thankful, above all else, for being redeemed from a selfish existence, devoid of meaning. I’m grateful the Lord loved me enough to intervene in this world to provide a path toward Him and out of spiritual darkness. There is no purpose apart from the One who created all from nothing. He is the reason we even have an existence.

From that firm foundation, He opened a door for the possibility of other relationships. Today, I want to publicly offer thanks for forty years of marriage to someone who has stuck with me through every difficulty. The past two years have been particularly hard, with my wife undergoing cancer treatments. Currently, the cancer is gone, but we are realistic; we know it is an aggressive one and may come back, but we are living every moment with the knowledge that even death cannot separate us from the love of God. This life is only a preparation for what is to come.

Although our children are now out of the house, married, and having children of their own, that doesn’t mean they are out of mind. Once parents, always parents. I can say without qualification that I appreciate my children more now than at any time in my life. Perhaps that’s maturity. One would hope at the ripe age of 61 maturity would be a more constant companion.

Those children have now given us five grandchildren—with two more on the way this year. Being a grandfather has been a whole new phase of life. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would take to the word “grandpa,” but it’s now one of my fondest titles. I’m anticipating seeing them reach their early adult years at least, and want to have as much influence on their lives as I can, trusting in the mercy of God for more time to do so.

Those of you who read my mini-life-story back in my December posts know that the Lord gave me a second chance to teach. There are some certainties in life; one of mine is that I am meant to be a teacher. The place where He has put me now affords ample opportunities to speak His truth in history. The students He has given me are my responsibility; I must be faithful to His calling. I’ve experienced rough patches along the way, but, overall, I enjoy this ministry, believing I am contributing to the number who will enter His kingdom and that I will have helped many grow in their faith.

As an extension of the classroom, the Lord also has allowed me to write. While I am not as prolific as some in my field, I am satisfied that every article and book I’ve written has been worthwhile. I have no regrets for thoughts expressed or wording used. Like Noah Webster, I want to be sure that nothing I’ve published ever led anyone to sin. My completed manuscript on Ronald Reagan and Whittaker Chambers remains without a publisher currently, but I maintain faith it will find a home eventually. There really is something about God’s timing. Meanwhile, a new writing collaboration is brewing that could be exciting.

Bottom line: life with God is always an adventure, and regardless of the obstacles that undoubtedly await, I have the assurance He is with me at every juncture.

So, now it’s time to get on with life today. Thank you, Lord, for making it worth the walk.