Renewed Minds

Why do I write these daily commentaries? And why do I so often focus on current politics? After all—I can imagine some readers thinking—shouldn’t I spend my time more profitably, writing about theology and/or the Christian’s everyday walk with the Lord? Don’t I realize—they may continue to ask themselves—that this world is passing away and all that matters is eternity?

I understand the concerns behind such questions. Here’s what I believe.

First, our relationship with God, through Christ, is the single most important issue to be settled in everyone’s life. Outside of Christ, there is no hope, both in this earthly existence and in eternity. Everything I do, and how I decide to spend my time, should be based on that truth. Yes, without life in Christ, there really is no life at all. Yes, our current circumstances, bound as we are to this world and its foibles, are temporary in nature; eternity awaits.

Yet I also firmly believe that this temporary situation we find ourselves in is significant. Aren’t we told to pray, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”? Christians have a serious task at hand; we are God’s eyes, ears, hands, feet, and voice, reaching out to a dying world with the message of salvation. Our greatest responsibility is to reveal His love and redemptive plan for individuals. There is no question about that.

But our responsibilities don’t end there. We also are tasked with spreading His truth into all areas of society, in an attempt to show how that truth can be applied for the good of all. Government affects each of us deeply. How can we neglect to make application to that realm? It is, in fact, one of the key areas where, if Biblical principles are enacted, the greatest number of people can be touched. Every time we inject His truth into the political world, we create an opportunity to arrest people’s attention and draw them to the One who is the fount of all knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

I therefore make no apologies for focusing quite often on politics. I just need to make sure I do so in a way that continually reminds readers of this blog that my whole purpose in doing so is to explain the ways of God and juxtapose them with the ways of man—to illustrate His wisdom and contrast it with man’s foolishness. Humor, i.e., political cartoons, is one method for exposing man’s folly. Critical analysis of the character of politicians is fair game; without that, we will be led astray. Evaluation of the policies being promoted by both sides in the political debate is essential if we are to grasp the difference between success and failure.

Yes, there will come a time when the King of Kings will put an end to this current state of affairs. When He ushers in His kingdom, there will no longer be a need for separation of powers, checks and balances, or evaluation of policies. His policies will always be just; His character is unimpeachable.

But until that wonderful time arrives, we still live on a sinful planet in deep need of the dissemination of truth. Our culture and our government must be redeemed or we will slide into a spiritual abyss.

That’s why I continue to write, in the hope that something I say can help renew minds and bring greater understanding of Jesus Christ and His ways. It is a privilege to serve Him in this manner.