Teachers’ Unions & Education

I haven’t said anything about education for some time, so I’ll enter that territory briefly today. Fortunately, the teachers’ unions can help us understand our current state of affairs. A little commentary on how those unions operate can perhaps show us how we ought to reform our education system.

Or perhaps not.

Hmm … could it be that some of the problems we’re experiencing could be because of the teachers’ unions? As someone who has taught at the university level for over twenty years now, I can attest that a rather large proportion of college students don’t really seem ready to do college-level work. What kinds of issues have I noticed?

I keep plugging away, however. For me, it’s a calling from God to do whatever can be done to help. It also requires a love for the students. When you have the calling, and you combine it with the right heart attitude, the Lord is better able to work in their lives. There is satisfaction in watching students begin to achieve on a higher plane.

Education can improve, but the system needs a dramatic overhaul.