God Is in Control (Part III)

The Scripture to the left is often invoked to say that everything will work out alright regardless of what men choose. “Don’t you know,” we are told, “that God works all things together for good”? That’s called “selective reading” of a Scripture.

Look closely. For whom do things work together for good? The promise is for those “who love the Lord,” the ones “who are the called according to His purpose.”

This is not an outright promise that all things in this world will work out okay. The promise is conditional. If we love [present tense, continuous action] the Lord, and we are called for His purposes, then—and only then—does the promise become active.

If a nation makes poor choices for its leaders, there is no guarantee that things will be fine. On the contrary, unbiblical policies will undeniably lead to bad consequences. Can those consequences be moderated or even changed over time? Absolutely. If those who do love the Lord are faithful both in prayer and in action, God can move on behalf of a nation. But if we think we can avoid all consequences, we are only fooling ourselves.

So, when Christians say “God is in control,” they need to stop and think about that statement. Shutting one’s eyes and ears against painful realities is never God’s way, and it is not the genuine faith He wants us to model to this dying world.