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Poster Child for the Zombie Nation

If you haven’t seen “The Life of Julia,” you need to Google it. She’s a fictional character created by the Obama campaign to demonstrate how government helps people. If you watch the entire thing, though, you come away with the distinct impression that people—perhaps women, in particular—are utterly helpless without government aid. This campaign ploy is the best/worst advertisement for  the cradle-to-grave nanny state that I’ve seen in some time. “Julia” only succeeds because of government. There is no mention… Read more »

The Totalitarianism of Government Compassion

Let me just speak from the heart today without any cartoons. I’m deeply disturbed by a number of developments in our nation, but one comes to the forefront of my mind this morning as I sit to write. Unless this is changed, there is no hope for turning around the trajectory of our culture. In the Roman Empire, government officials had to come up with ingenious ways to keep the populace under control. So many of the people were unemployed… Read more »

The Transatlantic Divide

This is another installment of my ongoing series on Mark Steyn’s book America Alone. Previous posts have highlighted the problems facing Western society, particularly in Europe, with respect to the possible takeover of that society by radical Islam. Chapter 7 of his book is called “The Four Horsemen of the Eupocalypse: Eutopia vs. Eurabia.” Steyn already has pointed to the demographic demise of Western Europe and how the loss of Christian faith has led to a spiritual vacuum in those… Read more »