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It’s Not Magic

There’s a new urgency in President Obama’s desire to create jobs. He’s certainly pushing for the passage of his new [?], improved [?] jobs bill. He keeps repeating two words over and over: Good thing it’s a credit deal. I mean, otherwise we might actually have to pay for it sometime. Well, that seems to be how some people think—or don’t think. But here’s how it really works: You see, that money doesn’t just appear by magic. It does have… Read more »

A Place at the Feeding Trough

Yesterday’s post highlighted the lack of civility we’ve been hearing from one side of the political spectrum. One of the examples I gave was Teamster President James Hoffa. Sometimes the best cartoons show up after I comment on an issue or event. Like these: The large unions are the greatest beneficiaries of President Obama’s largesse. Stimulus money flowed into their coffers. If he should happen to be voted out, they lose big time. In order to maintain their prominent place… Read more »

Laboring with Gratitude

Labor Day 2011. Is this really something I want to celebrate? Let me begin Biblically with a passage that speaks to the concept of work and wealth creation. It’s from Deuteronomy 8:16-18: In the wilderness He fed you manna which your fathers did not know, that He might humble you and that He might test you, to do good for you in the end. Otherwise, you may say in your heart, “My power and the strength of my hand made… Read more »

A Privilege, Not a Right

Back in the fall of 1981, Ronald Reagan had to deal with a public-sector strike threat. The union threatening the strike was PATCO, which represented the air traffic controllers. I’m sure they had some legitimate complaints, but they sought to risk the safety of all air travel passengers by their action. Reagan was firm with that government union, reminding the members that they had taken a pledge when they were hired not to strike. Reagan’s position was that no public-sector… Read more »

Unions: Members & Leaders

Protesters├é┬áhave finally left the Wisconsin capitol, but estimates are coming in as to the cost of that occupation. We’re learning now it could cost as much as $7.5 million to clean up and repair the damage they have done to the building. Most of that, $6 million, is to restore the marble inside the building; another $1 million to do the same to the outside. As one commentator has noted, Imagine how many teacher positions, textbooks, and new computers the… Read more »

Unions: Theory vs. Practice

The Wisconsin fiasco has brought the issue of unions to the forefront. Public sector unions are the focus of what’s taking place in Wisconsin at the moment, but traditional unions have shown up to swell the ranks of protesters. From some of my remarks about this situation, some readers may think I grew up in a mansion and in a family that got rich through business. Hardly. Both of my parents were members of unions where they worked in their… Read more »

Wisconsin Courage

Last night, I saw video from the Wisconsin House as the Republicans passed the new law limiting collective bargaining for public sector unions. It was pretty instructive to see the Democrat lawmakers, many of whom chose not to vote, screaming and acting like spoiled children after the vote ended. It was a foretaste of what will probably occur in the Wisconsin Senate if the Democrats there ever decide to do the job for which they were elected and being paid… Read more »