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Tinsley Time

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might know that I sometimes like to highlight the Mallard Fillmore cartoon drawn and geniused [is that  real word? it is now] by Bruce Tinsley. He has a flair for seeing what’s really happening. He’s also not very politically correct. He draws an Obama that looks more like the real thing than many other cartoonists’ conceptions. He also has the pulse of the president. That has been Plan B for… Read more »

The Real Threat?

I would find it even more amusing that the mainstream media and their philosophical allies are  disappointed the Times Square bomber isn’t a member of the Tea Party if it weren’t so disturbing. They don’t see the real threat right in front of them. Their whole scenario just blew up before they could indoctrinate their subjects fellow citizens. Meanwhile, Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano is on the case. Reinforcements are always available in the person of a certain ex-president. I repeat: it… Read more »

The Hottest Stories

The two hottest stories everyone is following right now are the 90% approval ratings for Congress and the Chicago Cubs’ latest winning streak. No, wait, I got that wrong. Sorry for the confusion. Let me try again. The two hottest stories everyone is following right now are the Arizona illegal immigration bill and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. On that first topic, which I’ve already commented on twice before, I personally find it rather amusing that San… Read more »

This Is Peaceful?

Let’s see, what do we have here? Why, that’s an image of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer dressed as a pinata. The sign says “Say no to Arizona Republican Party.” There’s a young boy ready to swing at her with a bat, while others in the background are enjoying the sight. No violence here. No disrespect for authority. It’s all in your imagination. Here we have a demonstrator against the new Arizona law that seeks to identify illegal aliens. He’s outraged…. Read more »

The "Stupid" Strategy

Have you noticed the strategy employed by the Democrats over the past three decades? You might have to be as old as I am to see the pattern, but it’s now very obvious. I call it the “stupid” strategy, which is aimed at any Republican who is a threat to actually win the presidency or any other high office. It all started with Ronald Reagan. When he ran against President Carter in 1980, the whispers began, then rose to a… Read more »

Thanks, Trust, & Fiscal Responsibility

President Obama, in response to the Tea Parties last week, told a group of donors that the people shouldn’t be protesting at all. In fact, they should be thanking him. Now, the context of that comment was that he had actually lowered taxes—a rather ludicrous statement given what the future holds with the massive deficits and the healthcare boondoggle. If you happened to see him making that comment, you couldn’t miss the derision behind it: his disdain for the Tea… Read more »

He's Back

Bill Clinton apparently hasn’t changed his mind. The Oklahoma City bombing was 15 years ago yesterday. At that time, President Clinton blamed talk radio [read: Rush Limbaugh] for the atmosphere that created the bombing. It was ludicrous then; it remains so today. Why? Rush was in no way associated, in person or in philosophy, with Timothy McVeigh. But Clinton made the connection anyway. It served his political purposes. This week he has spoken up again, now claiming that the Tea… Read more »