May Another Man Take His Place

Lakeland, where I live, is close to Orlando, where possibly the most obnoxious, nasty, and uncouth congressman in the nation lives. He’s so over the line that he became national news even before his run for reelection.

His name is Alan Grayson, who first received widespread media attention during the healthcare debate when he declared that the only plan for healthcare that Republicans had was for people to “die quickly.” Note the picture of Grayson with his chart on the floor of the House.

He seemed to relish the publicity because he then continued to make outrageous statements and conduct himself in a bizarre manner; apparently he enjoyed the national notoriety. What else has he done?

Appearing on Chris Matthews’s program, he claimed that he has trouble listening to Dick Cheney “because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he’s talking.”

Last April, he walked into a conservative meeting in an Orlando restaurant, uninvited, and started yelling at the group.

He has been accused of financially propping up a Tea Party candidate for his own seat in order to divide the Republican vote. Just yesterday, he was served with a subpoena. While he denies any knowledge of this, it’s rather obvious that he is involved.

His latest outrage is an ad he has run against his Republican opponent Daniel Webster, in which he refers to Webster as “Taliban Dan.” Why? Well, it seems that Webster is an evangelical Christian who doesn’t support abortion. That equates with being a Taliban. In addition, the ad takes a snippet of a sentence from Webster that gives the impression that Webster is telling his wife to submit to him—just like the dictatorial Taliban.

In fact, the Webster speech from which the phrase was lifted was one that he delivered to a group of Christian men where he was saying that men should not focus on the Biblical injunction that wives are to submit to their husbands, but that instead they should pay more attention to the rest of the exhortation where they are told to love their wives as Christ loved the church—He laid down His life for the church, so husbands are to do the same for their wives.

Challenged with the fact that he took Webster completely out of context, Grayson continued to claim that his ad was accurate. He even received a verbal rebuke from an MSNBC reporter for this falsehood. MSNBC! How often does that happen? This is a man out of control. I seem to remember Nancy Pelosi saying she was going to preside over a House of unparalleled integrity.

The sweet side of all this is that Webster, ever since this insufferable ad has started running, has reaped thousands in campaign donations. And a new poll shows Grayson seven points behind Webster in spite of the Democrat’s overwhelming money advantage.

If ever a man deserved to be kicked out of Congress, Alan Grayson is that man.

Lessons on How to Self-Destruct

This election season is turning into a nightmare for Democrats. They were promised that if they jumped on board the healthcare express, their reelection was assured. All of America would be rejoicing over the wonder of this legislation. Well, it hasn’t materialized; in fact, the opposite has happened. So what’s an incumbent Democrat supposed to do?

While commentators like to debate the affiliation of the Tea Party with Republicans and anticipate how that link is going to hurt Republican chances, they don’t spend nearly as much time meditating on the Democrats’ dilemma, which is far more noticeable:

Instead of voting to extend the Bush tax cuts, they seem more focused on something else:

Of course, Republicans won’t mind if Democrats choose to self-destruct. We saw some of that in the Congress just last week:

Are You Serious?

On Thursday, there was a “debate” in Nevada. I have to put that in quotes because one of the debaters failed to show up in person, thereby saving himself the embarrassment of having to answer questions.

His name is Harry Reid. He was there—on video. That allowed him to say what he wanted without any real give-and-take with people who might ask hard questions. When his video ran, the audience largely allowed him his say; there were no unseemly outbreaks of hostility.

Harry, though, was represented at the event. He bused in a lot of union supporters whose primary job, it seems, was to heckle Sharron Angle, his opponent in the Senate race.

Angle had to answer questions directly from a moderator. Often, according to accounts of the evening, she was rudely interrupted, jeered, and generally ridiculed.

Then, as the debate ended, Reid supporters in the audience started arguments with Angle supporters. A mini-brawl broke out, which is not unusual when union thugs are brought in to “handle” an event.

Why wasn’t Reid there? Well, perhaps he was taking care of serious business at the Capitol.


A really serious Judiciary subcommittee hearing was held yesterday morning to discuss the plight of immigrant farm workers. The chair of the committee, Democrat Zoe Lofgren, invited comedian Stephen Colbert to be one of the witnesses. By all accounts—other than Nancy Pelosi’s—this appearance was a travesty. Colbert hammed it up, in character, rather than speaking as himself. The Democrats on the subcommittee were embarrassed—as they should have been.

I guess this is what passes for taking care of the nation’s business.

Meanwhile, the Republicans, as I remarked in yesterday’s post, made a serious attempt to deal with the many problems tearing us apart. Their Pledge to America offered a principled opposition to current policies and charted a course correction. The infusion of Tea Party activism was responsible for much of the nature of this document.

I realize some conservatives are disgruntled with the effort. As I noted previously, action must follow words. However, there are some people who are constitutionally disgruntled; they will never be pleased with anything but perfection, as they perceive it. I don’t want to be one of them. I will give credit where it is due, and for now, the Pledge is an effort that deserves praise.

In a most unserious political environment under Democratic leadership, it’s gratifying to witness a serious foray into sound political philosophy and policies that flow from that philosophy.

The Source of Rights

The White House may be about to go on a rampage against the Tea Party movement. No less a progressive authority than the New York Times says that Obama’s political advisers are considering painting the Republican Party as having been taken over by Tea Party extremists.

Frankly, I don’t believe they know what to think about what has transpired. The massive movement away from their progressive philosophy has taken them by surprise. Now the only weapon they have, at least in their estimation, is to attack middle America with the “extremist” label.

I have a feeling that if Obama and his advisers had lived 234 years ago, they would have seen this group as a threat:

The document this “radical” group is presenting to the Continental Congress’s president John Hancock in this picture is the Declaration of Independence. President Obama just happened to mention that famous document in a recent speech.

Addressing the Hispanic Caucus, the president reminded the attendees that they were endowed with certain rights. The only problem is that he omitted the source of those rights. Some are saying he simply forgot. Look at this picture carefully—his ever-present teleprompters are in place. All of his words were carefully chosen. He didn’t forget. The truth, as I see it, is that he is reluctant to acknowledge that real rights don’t come from the government. They stem from a higher authority. Why did you leave out the Creator, Mr. President? Does He not fit the paradigm?

Democrats are feeling a little shellshocked at the moment. They don’t understand what went wrong. Blindness of this nature has its roots in spiritual blindness.

O'Donnell & the Tea Party: Getting Republicans' Attention

A new heroine has emerged from the Tea Party movement, and her emergence has establishment Republicans in shock.

Christine O’Donnell was not supposed to win the Delaware Republican primary for the open Senate seat. It was foreordained that “moderate” Mike Castle was the heir apparent. Castle’s “moderate” positions included voting against the pro-life cause and for the bailouts and stimulus packages. Yet O’Donnell stunned everyone with a classic come-from-behind victory that most politicians never experience.

Her path to victory in the general election will be steep, but she’s used to that. It’s obvious that her primary win was in part fueled by endorsements from Sarah Palin and Sen. Jim DeMint. Just as significant as the win itself was the enthusiasm of voters in the Republican primary. The numbers who voted were far beyond anything in Delaware history. Could that be a harbinger of success in November?

There are some Republicans who are going to have to come to grips with the activists who populate the Tea Party. You would think they would welcome them. Will they catch on to the bonanza they’ve been handed or retrench and turn back to their old ways?

I’m hoping they will finally realize what a gift they have received. Of course, for those who try to sail through politics without firm convictions, the presence of the Tea Partiers is a personal threat.

Republicans in Name Only [RINOs] are in trouble. A massive turnaround in the membership of Congress is possible—to an extent never seen before. There are indications; polls are one indicator. Another might be how Democrats are framing their reelection bids:

This potentially could be one of the most fascinating Novembers ever.

Put Race Behind Us

Do I really want to write about racism again? Not really. But the accusations continue to spread. The latest people accused of racism are those on the House Ethics Panel. Why? Well, they have investigated Charlie Rangel [see an earlier post] and now Rep. Maxine Waters.

The charges against Waters are significant. She’s accused of trying to get TARP funds for a bank connected with her husband. He owns considerable stock in it; she would have benefited greatly financially if that had happened.

This latest accusation, though, has raised the ire of the Congressional Black Caucus. Because the latest two House members investigated have been black, they say there must be racism involved. One has to be wearing blinders to see things that way. What about all the white House members who have been investigated, all the way from former Republican leader Tom Delay to the lately departed but not mourned Eric Massa, New York Democrat? In fact, there are about thirty investigations currently being pursued. Are they really targeting black congressmen above all others?

This is really getting old. There’s a stark difference between those who are real victims and those who use the victimization tactic to avoid personal responsibility.

I believe race relations have worsened under Obama. The fine art of racial grievance has been taken to a new level. Anyone who opposes his policies is fair game to be labeled a racist.

Did you catch the asterisk? Both Farrakhan and Wright have spoken at NAACP conventions. Who’s accusing whom of racism? Yet those falsely accused continue to handle the accusations with dignity.

Knowing man’s sinfulness, I don’t expect hypocrisy to cease. However, I still have some hope that pointing out the hypocrisy on a regular basis will eventually cause some of the accusers to retreat, if only for fear of being marginalized.

I’ve said it before and will continue to do so: it’s time to put race behind us. God doesn’t view people as members of separate races. He sees us all as part of one race called “human.” The sooner the majority of citizens put that into practice, the better off we’ll be as a nation.

Immigration Logic & Presidential Priorities

So, predictably, a judge appointed by Bill Clinton has struck down the key part of Arizona’s illegal immigration bill. Law enforcement officers cannot, under her decision, ask for residency status when someone is questioned for another crime. This type of logic is being used by nearly everyone on the open borders side of this issue:

Interestingly, even though the judge ruled as she did, and the law cannot currently go into effect [an appeal by Arizona has been filed], protests yesterday filled the streets, resulting in dozens of arrests. Peaceful citizens residents? Does anyone recall anybody being arrested at a Tea Party rally? Of course not.

The hypocrisy of the movement is symbolized by the president of Mexico:

Yes, that would be tragic, right?

Meanwhile, most Americans approve of what Arizona has done, which is a problem for the president:

It could have political ramifications for him:

So, with this problem boiling over and other issues on his plate, what does our president decide is the most significant thing he can do?

Well, you know, the polls show that women are souring on his presidency. He has to take care of that, doesn’t he? What could possibly be more important?