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The Palin Effect

Yesterday, I reviewed what I consider to be the second-tier contenders for the Republican presidential nomination. Those in the top tier deserve a more in-depth look. Today, I focus on Sarah Palin. There can be little doubt that Palin creates the most excitement overall among the Republican base. A recent poll shows that 79% of Republicans have a positive impression of her, a higher approval number than any of her other competitors for the nomination. Her selection as McCain’s running mate… Read more »

Time to Get Serious

Some individuals, when they get a taste of power, have a hard time letting go. They develop the mentality that they deserve their position, regardless of how they’ve wielded that power. A case in point: It’s also difficult to make the rest of the election losers realize their time is up. For instance, we have a congressional session ready to start shortly, with all the old congressmen and senators, many of whom won’t be there in January. Rumors are that… Read more »

The Path We Need to Take Now

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the economy was the big issue in the elections. A related concern was the attempt by the federal government to unleash unlimited power over everyone’s lives—all of which was unconstitutional. The two ought to go together. More people thought about the economy, of course, but I was encouraged by the new discussion on constitutionalism, particularly by those on the Tea Party side of politics. It can be argued that overreaching constitutional authority… Read more »

A House Cleaning

I normally try to keep my posts relatively short, knowing that when you get too long-winded, readers tend to migrate elsewhere. It’s pretty hard, though, to say everything I believe needs to be said in just a few words. Sometimes, pictures help. In the House, so many incumbent Democrats lost, there’s no way I can comment on even the key races—most of them were key. Their replacements are on a mission to restore constitutionality. As for those who lost, there’s… Read more »

French Fried

Overlooked while focusing on American election news are the riots taking place in France. Like most European nations that have gone the socialist route, France has had to reappraise its ability to provide such extensive government services. Hence a move toward austerity measures that have led to outrage among the socialized masses. What terrible policy has the government proposed? Raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. Wow, how mean-spirited can a government get? Police have had to crack down on the… Read more »

They Deserve to Win

As a counterpoint to yesterday’s post, where I listed the politicians who most deserved to lose this year, today I’ll focus on the positive—those who really deserve to win. Now, that doesn’t mean they all will win, but the nation would be better off if they did. I’m going to start close to home with Florida’s Senate race. No one, when the race began, expected Marco Rubio to gain any traction. He had been speaker of the Florida House, and… Read more »

Ordinary Americans Making an Impact

Last night, I spoke at the Winter Haven, Florida, 9-12 Project meeting. There had to be a hundred or more in attendance. My topic was “Progressivism in America: Destroying the Foundations.” One could not ask for a more attentive audience as I detailed how the progressive movement derailed the Constitution and the principles of America’s founding. I am impressed by the two 9-12 Project organizations with which I have made contact. They are comprised of just ordinary citizens who seek… Read more »