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The "Rich" and Those Tax Cuts

I’m hopeful that the American voter is coming to terms with the need to extend the Bush tax cuts indefinitely. There’s always an attempt to appeal to class conflict and envy toward those who have more, but the truth is that the “rich” in Democrat-speak include any business that makes more than $250,000. These are the small businesses that do most of the hiring in the country. If they are taxed more, hiring will stall accordingly. Hurting those people [and… Read more »

The Leftist Economic Mindset

In a townhall Obama held the other day, he made a strong statement when he said he would not allow the tax cuts for the “rich” to be extended. The mantra from the Left is always “We can’t afford to give tax cuts.” Think about this mindset for a moment. What it indicates is that the Left side of the political spectrum believes that your money really isn’t yours. They consider it all to be the government’s, and they can… Read more »

The Continuing Economic Woes

Writing about the poor economic situation of the country has become a staple for me. It’s not that I want to continue to write about it; it’s just that it doesn’t improve. That’s not a surprise—the policies being followed by this administration guarantee this result. All one who knows history has to do is look at the 1930s, realize we are on the same path [albeit worse and more ideologically bound], and that the policies of the 1930s never got… Read more »