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The Rush to Self-Deception

Everyone who has a blog is probably commenting today on the Paris attacks of last Friday. Although I haven’t superimposed the French flag on my Facebook image (I’m not one for fads of that kind), that doesn’t mean I’m not deeply disturbed over what has occurred. This was another prime example of Islamic terrorism, even if our president stubbornly continues to avoid using that terminology. The attacks in Paris took place at a number of locations at approximately the same… Read more »

The Multicultural Fallacy

Over the past few months, I’ve shared some insights from Mark Steyn’s indispensable book America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It. Let me wrap up that sharing with some thoughts from his concluding chapter. Steyn’s main thesis is that the West is losing its culture and is bowing before an ascendant Islam, which will destroy the West if it’s not challenged. At the root of the problem is the new devotion to multiculturalism. While it may… Read more »

Underreported Scandals

Some scandals are pure joy for the mainstream media, while others are too embarrassing to spend much time investigating and reporting. Two of the latter have to do with education and the justice department. Let’s begin with education. People have been amazed over the past decade at just how well the Atlanta public schools have progressed. Scores kept rising as they zeroed in on No Child Left Behind funding. Now we discover why they’ve been doing so well—they’ve been cheating. … Read more »

Our Survival as a Free People

Over the past few months, I’ve periodically quoted from Mark Steyn’s America Alone because it so cogently expresses what has gone wrong with the Western world’s view of reality. Most of his critique has centered on Europe, which is further down the road toward delusion than America. Of course, he wrote the book before we elected Barack Obama as president; we’ve been trying to catch up to Europe ever since. Yet there is still, even in the age of Obama,… Read more »

Blindness & Misplaced Empathy

The Arab Spring, so beloved by the media, is closer to the Islamist Ascendancy. Western blindness, as I’ve noted before, keeps us from recognizing the reality. In Egypt, the crowds listen to an imam who calls for the killing of all Jews. The streets erupt with jubilant agreement. Where are the reports of this? What is taking place in the Islamic world is the rise of the jihadists who want to kill us all. If you don’t think that’s the… Read more »

The Missing Ingredient

In 2005, Britain finally took one of the most incendiary imams in the country to court. Abu Hamza was well known in the UK due to stories about him in the tabloid newspapers. They called him “Hooky” because he had lost his hands in an “accident” while in Afghanistan in 1991. As Mark Steyn relates in America Alone, On trial in London for nine counts of soliciting to murder plus various other charges, he retained the services of a prestigious… Read more »

War, Not Lawbreaking

Last Monday, I shared more from Mark Steyn’s brilliant book America Alone, which dissects the radical Islamist problem. I didn’t know as I was writing the post on Sunday that before it appeared on Monday, we would get the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. Does that then make Steyn’s book irrelevant? Only if you believe, against all evidence, that the death of one terrorist leader will be so dispiriting to his followers that they’ll all go back to their… Read more »