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Facts vs. Sleight of Hand

Perusing Facebook this morning, I came across this comment from my congressman, Dennis Ross of Florida: In the past 10 years (2000-2010), revenue to the federal government has grown 7%. We have not lost revenue because of tax cuts, wars, etc. Federal spending, on the other hand, in the past 10 years, has grown 93%. In 10 years, we’ve spend $28 trillion and taken in $23 trillion. $5 trillion deficit . . . $1 trillion was war, $4 trillion is… Read more »

An Upside-Down World

The last two days I’ve pretty much displayed my lack of faith in the American electorate. I won’t belabor that today, but I did find some political cartoons that express well a number of things on my mind presently: In case you missed the reference in that last panel, Obama, in one of his dreary press conferences this past week, actually maintained that 80% of citizens agree with him that taxes have to be raised. In this case, I’m siding… Read more »

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

So many cartoons, so few days in the week. A bevy of excellent commentary surfaced this week on the Obama approach to the deficit and government spending. Let me give you some samples: There seems to be a certain amount of wishful thinking going on—a desire to pretend that things really aren’t as bad as they are. The spending spree continues as if there’s no problem, but as with people who use their credit cards recklessly, there is a day… Read more »

The State of Denial Address

A number of commentators have stated their opinion that Obama’s State of the Union Address was rather flat, not only in his delivery but in his same old “solutions” to our problems. There was nothing really dramatic that would change our current direction. Even his call for a five-year spending freeze was reminiscent of his three-year freeze proposal last year. What freeze? Did I miss that? Supposing he is actually serious [a rather large supposition], the freeze would be targeted… Read more »