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No Time to Go Wobbly

The media has trained its lenses on turmoil in the Middle East and turmoil in Wisconsin. Nearly forgotten in this fascination with all things Qaddafi and public-sector-unions is the fact that the federal government has some tough decisions ahead. Remember that $3 trillion-plus budget the president presented not long ago? Is that really the beginning of what he terms an “adult conversation”? How about starting with a proposal that is truly adult first? Of course, there are some people who… Read more »

The Economy & the Political Will

The budget battle looms. Debate over how to reinvigorate the economy is ongoing. At least now the Republicans have a voice in this debate and can have an effect on the budget. If they make their case well, they can frame it in a way most Americans will grasp. They actually have a lot going for them, considering the president’s track record: In his State of the Union Address, Obama kept talking about “investing.” He repeated that theme when speaking… Read more »

The Social Security Fantasy

Ah, yes, Social Security. The third-rail of American politics—any politician who tries to change it dies politically. It’s almost taken on a sacred nature to some people. Well, their sacred idol is about to tumble. Lost in the mass of coverage on the healthcare bill was the news that this year—2010—will mark the first year when Social Security will take in less than it pays out. In other words, it has officially become insolvent. It will keep on running for… Read more »

Oxymoron of the Week

Perhaps the saddest spectacle in this whole healthcare fiasco was the revelation that some people who claim to be prolife really aren’t. It doesn’t please me to say this, but a true prolife Democrat, at least in this current Congress, is an oxymoron. When Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak folded on Sunday, accepting a promise from the administration that the president would issue an executive order disallowing abortion funding by the government, all hope of stopping this bill died. He and… Read more »