The Angry President? Really?

I’ve never witnessed any president so angry about all the things that have gone awry under his administration. Have you seen the montage going around of all the times he has said he is “madder” than anyone about some scandal or glitch, and promises to get to the bottom of it and hold people accountable?


Then, after he makes his “madder than thou” statement, he does absolutely nothing. More than that, he does his best to ignore the problem, ridicule his critics, and/or brush the “false” scandal under the rug. Nothing to see here. Everything is under control. It’s those evil Republicans who are misleading you.

Everything Under Control

If he fears some kind of negative poll numbers from any problem, his first response is to try to take charge of the political perception by appointing someone “new” to ease the public’s fears. That hasn’t exactly worked with his new Ebola czar; the political nature of the appointment is much too blatant. Yet any solution he comes up with will always involve more government control:

Unnecessary Czar Appointments

It’s what he does best.

Yet, no matter how he attempts to spin his failures into achievements, polls indicate most Americans hold a different view:

Wrong Way

And, as I’ve noted quite often recently, Democrats up for election this cycle are almost in panic mode:

Tattoo Removal

Once this election is past, our president has another surprise for us:


Wait and see. It’s coming to a country you live in shortly after the election.

Anyone Remember the IRS Scandal?

Lois Lerner 2If you know who this woman is, you are part of the minority who stays on top of news that is truly important. If you have forgotten who she is, or her face draws a complete blank, please allow me to fill in that blank. She needs to be known because she represents one of the most heinous activities of the federal government in recent years—the attempt to suppress all political opposition to Barack Obama. She is Lois Lerner, one of the architects of the IRS scheme to target conservative political groups and affect federal elections. In fact, her activities, along with her co-conspirators—yes, I will use that loaded word—may have led directly to Obama’s reelection.

Why am I writing about her today? Isn’t she “old news”? Well, if you get your information from the mainstream news media, that would be the case. All the major networks have ignored completely the latest development in the IRS scandal.

You might remember that Lerner’s attorney informed the Congress that all of her e-mails were inexplicably destroyed in a crash of her hard drive, and that there was no backup. Consequently, sorry Congress, but you really can’t continue investigating this scandal because of this unforeseen act of God. That’s the term, you know, for hurricanes, earthquakes, and destroyed computer hard disks.

That story, though, has been challenged by computer experts who say that’s not possible, given the backup system set up in the government. Now, the latest chapter in this saga is that her Blackberry, which had those so-called lost e-mails, was destroyed after the investigation began. Hmm, is it possible this all could be a coverup? I mean, isn’t there the slightest possibility this is political chicanery?

In league with Lerner is the fairly new head of the IRS, John Koskinen, a good friend and appointee of the president, who has carried out one of the craziest stonewalls of a congressional investigation ever witnessed. He keeps making statements that are demonstrably false, yet expects to get away with them. It’s almost like a comedy routine:

Lois Lerner's Computer

I know many other people have made the following point, but it’s worth repeating: if this were a Republican administration lying to this extent, a new Watergate would be born. Reporters would be falling over themselves digging up the dirt and rushing to report the latest angle of the scandal. Not so today. The mainstream news media doesn’t care. It is so sold out to praising Barack Obama that it has abandoned its basic journalistic role. It’s no longer a news media, but a cheering section in what it considers a political football game.

What about those hardy few who want to know the truth? Their path to the truth is going to be difficult:

Needle in Haystack

In the middle of all the other newsworthy stories—our foreign policy fiascoes and the increased terrorism threat—let’s not forget the IRS scandal. It hits at the very integrity of our government and our elections.

The Incredible Shrinking President

Barack Obama has been a media creation from the start. All the hype was exactly that—image and public relations. Whatever substance did exist was birthed in the communist upbringing he received from his parents and grandparents, in the radical environs of Columbia and Harvard, and on the streets carrying out the subversive vision of Saul Alinsky.

He also brought to the office of the presidency a disdain for the rule of law and the Constitution. The office he holds means very little to him except as a vehicle to transform America via his own radical agenda. The only reason America still exists today, after more than five years of his tenure, is due to two factors: first, the government set up by the Founders is not as easily dispensed with as Obama supposed; second, he is, by his own admission, rather lazy. Let’s add “incompetent” to the laundry list of flaws. Those character deficiencies have stalled the descent into the abyss, so we should be grateful for them.

On the world stage, Obama has become nearly a non-entity. His word means virtually nothing; no one pays attention anymore because they’ve seen him in inaction and know they have nothing to fear:

Shrinking President

He keeps a hectic schedule, to be sure, but everything is either a photo op, a round of golf, or another fundraiser:

Seal of President

Fundraiser-in-Chief might be a more appropriate title for him. While it’s true that the White House goes with him, in a sense, wherever he goes, and no president is ever out of touch with what’s happening, it’s becoming obvious even to the most avid Obama defenders that he doesn’t really like the responsibilities that go along with being president. He’d rather absent himself as much as possible:

Can't Come to Phone

Then there are all those nagging scandals that he would like to ignore. They’re getting harder to run away from:

Not Transparent

A Republican president would have been impeached by now. Interestingly, Obama and his adherents are using the threat of impeachment to stir up the base and raise even more money. They think if Republicans take the bait and attempt to impeach him, it will only help Democrats in the coming election.

By the way, they’re right.

Since impeachment is impossible, given the current composition of the Senate, it’s best for Republicans to avoid that trap. They will make greater inroads in November by continuing to remind the public just how ideologically radical, lazy, incompetent, and scandal-plagued this president is.

Scandals? What Scandals?

I’ve spent the first three days of this week writing about history. Today, let’s look at history in the making. I sometimes wonder how I’ll ever be able to adequately cover the horrid nature of the Obama administration in one class session in my American history survey course. Students are already asking if I get to Obama in the course; I can say, for now, that I’m waiting until he’s history.

We already have seen his multiple attempts to rule unilaterally. Some have now been struck down by the Supreme Court. He always touts his constitutional expertise because he taught a constitutional law course, but let’s be honest here—he wasn’t a full-time professor, only an adjunct, and just because someone teaches a course on the Constitution, that doesn’t mean the teacher has any respect for its original wording/intent or understands its provisions:

Finals Week

He also acts as if everything is going swimmingly. Problems? What problems?

Bull in China Shop

Then when the media (or at least a segment of it) points out a major problem, he has the same old tired line about how he heard about it in the media for the first time, he’s really angry about it, and someone is going to pay a penalty for getting out of line. Then he does nothing, most of the time calling the issues phony scandals. He tries to act surprised and offended by the misdeeds of his minions in the government, but the surprise is phony, not the scandals:

Surprised Party

Our president is simply doing his best to ignore the problems, sometimes because he doesn’t see them as problems at all, and he probably orchestrated them in the first place; other times, he just doesn’t want to have to make decisions. That goes back to his time as an Illinois state senator when he earned the nickname “Senator Present,” meaning he declined to vote one way or the other.

But it’s getting impossible for him to ignore the mounting scandals, and the Republicans are salivating over the electoral prospects for this November:


There seems to be a new scandal each week; the administration is getting overwhelmed:

Bad Time

It would be far worse for the president if he didn’t have the lapdog media on his side:

Rip Van Media

Just imagine all the non-stop attention the media would give scandals like these if a Republican were president. Yet when any media outlet tries to hold him accountable, Obama is so used to cream puff treatment that he doesn’t know how to handle legitimate criticism:

Call Me Names

It’s well past time to put grownups back in charge.

VA Healthcare & Obamacare: Only the Beginning

Add the Veterans Administration to the long list of scandals emanating from the Obama reign. Reports are beginning to abound regarding the poor treatment—or lack thereof—that veterans are receiving at VA hospitals. An increasing number of deaths are being confirmed that can be traced back to long waiting lists and apparent lack of concern for those who have put everything on the line for their fellow citizens:


Getting to the truth has been difficult, but that isn’t unusual nowadays, no matter what is being investigated:

VA Stonewall

What do we get from the president himself? The same old same old:

VA Scandal

If you don’t know what I mean, let me invite you to look into a few other actions that raised his public fury with no real response: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, the DOJ—if the list seems to be endless, there’s a reason for that.

The problems at the VA put a spotlight on this president’s self-proclaimed signature piece of legislation:

Govt-Run Health Care

Brought to You By

If you think Obamacare has been a nightmare already, keep in mind it’s not yet fully implemented. The nightmare has barely begun.

Overwhelmed by the Magnitude of the Misdeeds

I can understand why many people choose to ignore the multitude of scandals associated with the Obama regime. There is a weariness that can overtake you if you try to keep up with them all. After a while, it’s easy to glaze over and seek relief. Neither do I wish to spend all my time thinking about evil and how it worms its way into every corner of our society. I would like nothing better than to stop writing about it, but if I follow that natural inclination, I will be discarding the responsibility I believe God has placed on my shoulders.

One cartoonist has effectively summarized in one picture why we can get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the misdeeds:


As the cartoon suggests, the office of the presidency, as represented by the presidential seal, is besmirched and nearly obliterated. We’re supposed to be able to have respect for this office, but the current occupant is making that difficult.

One of the scandals that the media seems to have put behind it is the use of the IRS to hamper the activities of groups opposed to the Obama agenda. I know it’s been said hundreds of times by a variety of commentators, but I’ll say it once again: if a Republican president had attempted to do this to his opponents, that president would now be going through impeachment proceedings. Not so with this president; the media has determined he is untouchable, and his own party, which controls the Senate, will never face up to the truth and hold him accountable. Real justice would look like this:


The ongoing scandal, of course, is the constant use of presidential executive orders to get whatever he wants, regardless of laws passed or not passed by Congress. Reports indicate Obama has now made 28 revisions to Obamacare purely by executive fiat. Apart from specific legislation that undermines the republic, this raw exercise of an authority he doesn’t possess is the greatest threat to the future of this nation:

Executive Order

Democrats know their titular leader is no longer very popular; those who are running for reelection this November are running swiftly away from him. Some are simply hoping to hold on until 2016, when they believe he can be replaced by their next “dream” candidate, Hillary Clinton. Well, she actually may be more of a dream candidate for Republicans to run against, considering her history:

Hillary Memoir

Another President Clinton would be a continuation of what we are experiencing now, as well as a sad reminder of the follies and scandals of a previous Clinton presidency. Aren’t we supposed to learn from history?

Obama Pulling a Clinton?

I’d like to offer a short follow-up to yesterday’s post, in which I commented on Bill O’Reilly’s interview with President Obama. The president denied there was any malfeasance or scandal that should cost anyone his/her job, whether in the Benghazi tragedy, the comedy of Obamacare, or the drama surrounding the IRS targeting of conservative groups. In the case of the IRS, he even went so far as to say there’s wasn’t even a “smidgen” of corruption involved.

Let’s focus on the IRS for a moment. It’s important to keep abreast of what’s happening with that investigation. First, whenever Congress holds a hearing about it, all the committee gets is stonewalling or someone taking the Fifth to avoid self-incrimination. Second, the person charged with spearheading the investigation (as far as anyone can figure out, since no list of investigators has been provided) is a woman who gave thousands to the Obama reelection campaign and who owes her job to her loyalty to the administration. Finally, leaks from the investigation are hinting there will be no criminal prosecutions for this IRS action. Perhaps that’s why Obama can confidently—shall we say “smugly”—assert there is no evidence of corruption.

All of this stalling and assigning of cronies to conduct investigations is a hallmark of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, and is one very real reason why he has never been put out to pasture; he’s just too irreplaceable for an administration that desires a major coverup job:

No Evidence

Meanwhile, the general public, which has a hard enough time paying attention even when there is no stonewall to drag out the story, continues in willful ignorance, hoping everything is as rosy as they want it to be:

IRS Musical

I think Obama is trying to pull a Bill Clinton here. That president was so beset by scandals that the public became overwhelmed with them, leading to a numbing effect and simply wanting it all to be over. They got tired of the constant drumbeat of scandal and sought peace and quiet. Leave the president alone, they said, in effect. Obama may be seeking to exploit public weariness in the same way. His tactic is to act as if all the accusations are hot air generated by political foes and a news network that is unfair to him personally. He even told O’Reilly to his face that he was unfair.

Perhaps the takeaway from the interview—at least the one Obama wants—is this:

Never Say

If he is outraged enough and condescending enough, maybe all the questions will go away. Let’s hope not. Too much remains to be answered, and too many people need to pay the consequences for what they have done.