What Hillary Deserves

Periodically, my political cartoon stash on a given subject begins to overflow, and I have to release the pressure. Today is one of those days. While the Clintons would like everyone to ignore their activities, the political cartoonists are not obliging. With the Clintons, there is always something new, and the excuses never change—they are never responsible for anything:

Cookie Jars

The e-mail controversy is not going away, even though now it seems to be eclipsed by all that funny money that found its way into the Clinton Foundation. Jesus warned us about having the proper foundation for everything we do. They should have paid better attention:


A lot of that money, coming from foreign sources, just “happened” to arrive prior to Hillary’s actions as secretary of state that also just “happened” to benefit the donors. This is a real ethical mess; it’s pretty toxic:

Cleanup Crew

If you’re tired of hearing about all these Clinton scandals, and you have a good memory of the 1990s, let me warn you—with them, it never will be over:

Make Room

Thus far, they have both stayed quiet. I guess they are trying to figure out the best strategy for attacking those who are pointing out the obvious truth. They have a lot of practice on this score:

Not True

And all the while, Hillary moves forward with a campaign based on transparency. The only kind of transparency she knows is captured well in this cartoon commentary:

Cheshire Candidate

Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell was recently found guilty and sentenced to prison for far less than what Hillary has undoubtedly done. There is probably no better example of the double standard that exists when it comes to the Clintons. Will there be the kind of investigation needed? Will she ever be charged with anything? Will she ever pay the penalty for her actions?

Dollar Jail

That would be justice. That we will see justice done is highly unlikely. After all, she is awaiting her coronation, and the Democrats will do all in their power to make sure she gets what she wants, not what she deserves.

Clinton Corruption, Inc.

The new Clinton bombshell yesterday had to do with an instance of influence peddling that has put our national security at greater risk. There are so many twists and turns to the episode that I’m not even going to try to explain them all; however, here is the bottom line.

Russia now has control of up to half of America’s uranium. You know, the stuff that’s crucial for energy development and making weapons. In effect, Vladimir Putin is in possession of what should belong to the United States, and he can use it as he wishes—whether to bolster his own energy and weapons programs or sell it to the Iranians as they proceed toward their nuclear bombs.

Clinton FoundationHow did it happen? Again, the short version is that it was laundered through the Clinton Foundation, the so-called charitable institution that has made Bill and Hillary Clinton unbelievably rich. The Foundation, with Bill as the middle man, engineered the whole thing. What was Hillary’s role? As secretary of state, she signed off on it.

Conflict of interest, anyone?

It was also revealed that she routinely violated the agreement she had reached with the Obama administration to disclose all contributions to the Foundation that came from foreign sources. The Foundation is now being forced to revise all its tax filings for the last ten years.

This is one that may not go away. Even diehard liberals are appalled at what they have done. At the very least, it’s an ethical breach of the highest order.

Of course, none of this should shock anyone who has any knowledge of how the Clintons have operated throughout their public life. Anyone who won’t even talk to an audience without a promise of at least $250,000 in speaking fees is pretty much out for herself.

How to Meet

Images of the 1990s come floating back: renting out the Lincoln Bedroom, money from China funneled into Bill’s campaign, etc., etc.

Yet somehow, Hillary plans to sell herself to the public as the champion of the middle class, of the average American, of the ones put upon by the “rich.” She will straighten out all of this income inequality, she promises:

Clinton Wealth

Her people are circling the wagons once again, confident they can weather this new storm. We’re even being told what we can and cannot say about her. Certain words and phrases, they demand, must not be used:

Banned Words

Normally, I expect every Clinton scandal to eventually just disappear and be swept under the political rug. This time, I’m not so sure. When the New York Times pursues it, maybe it has “legs” after all. The Times might be doing so only because its editors don’t think she is progressive enough, and they want to see someone else as the candidate, but for whatever reason, at the moment that newspaper is on the right side of something for a change.

The Clinton Machine needs to be exposed for the corrupt entity it is. The Clintons should never be allowed to run anything of significance again, especially not the government of the United States.

Clinton Again? Really?

Yes, I know sin abounds in this world, and that I should not be at all surprised that it abounds in politics. After all, I’ve lived through the Clinton years and now am experiencing the Golden Age Disaster Age of Obama, replete with promises about how everyone can keep their doctors and healthcare, etc., etc.

Yet the sheer sense of entitlement and the we-can-get-away-with-anything attitude that permeates the Hillary Clinton camp is almost breathtaking. Never has one person accomplished so little while claiming to be “ready” for the presidency (current president excluded). Then the brazenness with which she expects to get away with deleting all her e-mails that “she” deemed unimportant (not allowing government officials to make that determination) is almost without parallel.

At least Richard Nixon turned over his tapes; he didn’t destroy them.

Strange as it may sound to modern ears, Nixon had more respect for the rule of law and integrity than Hillary Clinton does.

What Difference

Remember, as secretary of state, she was part of the self-proclaimed “most transparent administration in American history.” Transparency redefined.


What’s amazing is that anyone can believe anything she says.


She certainly knows how to clean up after herself. It’s a trait she shares with her husband. Do we really want to return to all that?

Mrs. Clean

But she is poised to re-occupy the White House. May I suggest some campaign aids? Here’s a button she can use:

Clinton Campaign Button

And here is a slight modification to her campaign slogan:


Are we really going to do this again?

In a More Sane World . . .

While I’m aware that polls don’t mean a whole lot this far out from a presidential election, it’s still sad to see preliminary polls indicating Hillary Clinton beating any Republican challenger. You can say it’s because of high name recognition for her and low name recognition for some of those challengers (except Jeb Bush, of course), but the disheartening factor remains strong.

What does it take? First, we have all her baggage from years gone by. The mainstream media ignores that, so the low-information voter easily forgets about it—if he/she knew anything to begin with.

Then we have the revelation that the Clinton Foundation takes money from foreign governments even while she serves as secretary of state. That just isn’t done. Besides, the Foundation is more of a foundation for the Clintons’ financial benefit than for helping those in genuine need. Remember how Hillary said they left the White House dead broke? Her comments are on a shaky foundation also.

Clinton Foundation

This was followed by the further revelation that she had her own e-mail server apart from the government and conducted all government business through it. No, no, no, no, no. That isn’t done. Once it was exposed, she airily commented that it was no big deal, that she had turned over everything official to the government. How do we know? Trust her. Right.


At least all of this made some Democrats nervous, hoping there might be another alternative for 2016:

Bottom of Barrel

Apparently not.

In a more sane world, Hillary Clinton would never be allowed near the Oval Office.

No, the Clinton Scandal Is Not Over

The Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal (and, yes, that is the appropriate word) only gets progressively (an ironic term for those who call themselves “progressive”) worse. Yet her apologists keep hammering away at the “unfairness” of the “attacks” upon her. This is the standard Clintonian tactic: assert that nothing was done that deserves scrutiny, accuse the investigators of having an agenda, and constantly repeat the refrain, “That’s old news, there’s nothing here, move on!”

Whenever they try to make a moral equivalence argument, noting that former secretaries of state had private e-mail accounts, they conveniently neglect the established fact that no former secretary set up his or her own server and conducted all official business via that server—which, by the way, was against the rules. Neither are they willing to acknowledge that Hillary had no authority to decide which of those e-mails were government-related and which were not. That authority resides within the State Department, not with her handpicked staff.

Clinton defenders, therefore, follow the same Clinton playbook used by Bill when he was president. One hopes, this time, that they will not succeed with their obfuscations and straight-faced distortions of truth:

Your Won Server

This time of year, cartoonists love to use the March Madness bracket symbol to illustrate what’s happening in politics. It’s no different this time around, but the subject of those cartoons has shifted, in large part, to Hillary:

Hillary Grid

Do Democrats have no choice but to nominate her? Is there no one else in the running?

2016 Madness

One new poll shows her favorability—among Democrats, not the general public—has dropped 15 points in the past few weeks, putting her at only 50%. Clearly, they wish they had another option, but I don’t feel sorry for them. They have put themselves in this position. You really do reap what you sow.

Hillary’s Press Conference: Not the Final Word

So the Hillary press conference about her private e-mail account is over. She probably hopes that will be the final word on it. If so, she is kidding herself. Anyone not already a camp follower can’t be satisfied with her defense. It’s really pretty brazen to claim, as she did, that she followed all the rules with this non-government account. And then there was her statement that it will remain a private server, subject to no third-party inspection to ensure all relevant e-mails have been turned over to the government.

In all this, she’s merely doing what our president does all the time:


Let’s review. All government employees are told they must conduct government business on a government account. She didn’t do so. During her tenure as secretary of state, she even sent out a notice to all those working at the State Department, reminding them of this policy. How hypocritical is that?

Now she’s saying it’s up to her to decide which of her e-mails belong to the government. That’s backwards. The government will decide that. She is trying to maintain absolute control and tells us to “trust” her that she has turned over everything relevant. As a policy, regardless of who is involved, that is ludicrous. The House committee investigating Benghazi already has noted major gaps in the e-mails they have received—after much stonewalling on her part.

Hillary’s “explanation” yesterday is at least consistent with her past “explanations”:


If the mainstream media will do its job this time (which is highly unlikely), she will have a hard time during her campaign:


While she has staunch defenders within her party, some are nervous and seeking other possibilities for their presidential nominee. Unfortunately for them, there is no real contender to challenge her:


There’s something else about this press conference worth mentioning. Unless one is completely blind, one cannot but help being put off by her tone. She was borderline arrogant, condescending in her answers, and carefully reading from a script most of the time. She wasn’t hard to “read.” “How dare you question me?” was the attitude that prevailed. “Don’t you know who I am?” I think she considers herself above criticism and that the rules that apply to ordinary humans don’t apply to her.

I’m not sure I want her ousted as the frontrunner. There is always the possible horror of her winning the election, but she could also suffer a devastating loss, provided Republicans choose a good candidate for a change. It would be gratifying to see a Clinton lose, and to see the Clintons removed from the public stage once and for all.

Will Hillarygate Disappear?

Is it possible? Is it really possible? Is there finally a Clinton scandal that won’t go away? When even liberals are up in arms about something a Clinton has done, maybe there is hope.

The mainstream media tried its best to ignore the foreign contributions flowing into the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was secretary of state (nothing to see here, folks—move along), but the e-mail flap is growing too big to hide.

Well, maybe there is a good excuse for why she didn’t use a government e-mail for all her official business and instead set up a personal server in her home, despite the knowledge everyone had that it was against the law to do so. Let’s see, what might work?

Could Not Afford

No, I don’t think that’s going to fly. Well then, how about a tried and true method when your shady actions are disclosed?


You can’t go to that well too often—people will stop drinking the water after a while. Why not just tell the truth about how you conduct business?

Ethics Free

At least that would be honest. Honesty, though, is not the hallmark of the Clintons. A lot always goes on behind closed doors and away from public scrutiny:

Clinton Machine

Hillary’s defenders are nearly apoplectic over the consequences that may await her—and just when they thought her coronation was inevitable. The curtain of silence and secrecy needs to be drawn back to expose the corruption and lies that have been the fuel for the Clinton Machine throughout their careers living off the public dole:

Pay No Attention

So I return to my original question: is it possible that, finally, a Clinton will be held to account for illegal and untoward actions? I thought that was going to happen when the Monica Lewinsky news hit back in 1998. Some Democrats thought so, too. I recall George Stephanpoulos, recently resigned from the Clinton administration and picked up by ABC as a political commentator, saying that Clinton was toast. It didn’t turn out that way.

Please forgive me if I sound too cynical, but until Hillary is officially derailed as the Democrat nominee, I’ll suspend judgment as to whether I believe this time she will be called to account for her actions. For the good of the country, though, she needs to be derailed. We may not survive another corrupt, immoral Clinton in the White House.