Hillary’s Burgeoning Problems

Is the Hillary Clinton campaign imploding? Is Hillary Clinton imploding? Democrats are getting more worried than ever about the burgeoning e-mail scandal (the Foundation scandal is currently eclipsed, but it should return). How do we know? Joe Biden is now seriously looking into challenging her, when before she was considered unassailable.

That “little matter” about her private e-mail server, what she turned over, and what she didn’t, is growing into a rather large obstacle for her.


When inspectors general start making public noises about possible criminal investigations, this whole fiasco becomes harder to ignore:

Bad Dog

I’ve never had much confidence that any investigation into the Clintons’ antics would ever yield enough to make a difference, but I’m beginning to have some hope that this one may not go away after all, no matter how hard she may try to manage it:

Delete Us

The typical Clinton arrogance hasn’t gone away, though. This is a couple that never met a law they think applies to them:

Above the Law

Since both are lawyers, they are well versed in how to handle such situations:

The Truth

Let’s be honest. If they weren’t Clintons, but just your average person who had to obey the law, this scenario would be much more serious for them than just the possibility of losing a nomination:

You've Got Jail

Let the punishment be equal to the crime.

A Question of Character

As a nation, are we so jaded and cynical that one’s personal character doesn’t matter anymore? When someone runs for the highest office in the land, shouldn’t we have greater expectations of that person than, say, someone who picks up our trash weekly?

Might we want to weigh character along with one’s accomplishments? Who am I talking about, you ask?


Isn’t this the same person who only got her political stripes because she married a man who ended up as president (that’s another whole story and primer on lack of character)? Yet now she is able to snap her fingers and make money in a way few can, all the while hypocritically savaging those who make money the old-fashioned way—by earning it.


This is the person who ensures that she doesn’t have to answer too many questions from the press—many of whom don’t want to find the truth anyway—and uses unique means for keeping them at bay:

Trust Me

On those select occasions when she deigns to allow a conversation, she makes sure to find a reporter who is acquiescent in anything she says, one who lets her spin whatever lies she chooses without any follow-up questions. That happened recently with a CNN “interview.” It was a joke.

Less Obvious

There are so many scandals, false stories, and outright lies emanating from this person that one might be excused from wondering how anyone can support her:

People Trust Me

Her behavior has been compared to . . . . well, to this:

Oldest Teenage Girl

Might I suggest a modification to her official campaign logo?


Is the electorate really this foolish? We’ll see.

Clinton Cash (Cont.)

I’m not going to stop writing about the Clintons. It’s too important to keep reminding potential voters why putting another Clinton in the White House needs to be avoided at all costs.

Speaking of costs:

Equal Pay

The Clintons’ mania for piling up as much money as possible for the least amount of work is becoming legendary. We’re also learning more Latin in stories about them—like quid pro quo:

Phone Call

Both Clintons seem to be quite comfortable with this arrangement. Nothing disturbs their concept of appropriate actions or awakens their moral sensibilities:

Back Home

Hillary’s latest strategy is to accuse Republicans of trying to keep minorities from voting. Never mind there is no proof for the accusation, and that the evidence actually points in the opposite direction. This is merely a ploy to get the base riled up and deflect attention from her own scandals:


For the Clintons, everything is political and there are no limitations on dishonest and/or misleading tactics.

More From the Clinton Crime Family Foundation

Yes, it’s Clinton-Post time again. They just provide so much to work with, it’s hard to ignore them. Now we find out they set up this shell corporation (no real employees) through which to funnel Bill’s speaking fees. Another way to get around having to report the details and possibly get in trouble for seeing just who gives them money.

Then we discover, through some fine investigative reporting (and not from conservative sources) that there is an odd kind of relationship between the money the Clinton Foundation received from foreign countries and the increase in weapons deals that occurred on Hillary’s watch as secretary of state to those same countries. Here’s a synopsis:

Weapons Deals

According to the reporting, those figures “represented nearly double the value of American arms sales made to the those countries and approved by the State Department during the same period of President George W. Bush’s second term.” Obviously just a coincidence.

Yet, to listen to Hillary (when you can find a short time she actually has said anything about this), it’s all smoke and mirrors. Well, it certainly is smoke:


Others go to prison for the kinds of things the Clintons do. They seem to receive an awful lot of special treatment:

Six Months

Recently, there was an awkward moment when a focus group of Clinton supporters was asked what were her accomplishments as secretary of state. The room went silent. No one could think of a thing. That’s not surprising—she didn’t do anything worth remembering except for all the missteps and misleading statements about Benghazi, of course.

Why does anyone want this woman to be president of the United States? What has she really ever accomplished in her life that remotely qualifies her for this most important office?


Yes, that’s about it. Oh, and simply being a woman. Shouldn’t we be looking for merit in our candidates? Shouldn’t we examine their stands on the issues? She’s pro-abortion, pro-gay agenda in every way, and just as radical as Barack Obama.

And she’s as dishonest as the day is long.

Those are not qualities we should ever want in a president.

Birds of a Feather Stick Together

There continues to be so much news on the Clinton front that it’s hard to keep up with it all. For instance, we now know that George Stephanopoulos, a supposed journalist who used to work for the Clintons and remains very tight with them, tried to hide the fact that when he conducted a critical interview with Peter Schweizer, the author of Clinton Cash, he was, in essence, still working for them. Stephanopoulos has contributed about $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation and has actively participated in its events.

None of this was revealed when he was given the assignment to interview Schweizer, an interview in which he asserted that the author had no proof of his allegations against them. Very few people believe anymore that the mainstream media is unbiased, but this was more blatant than usual. Stephanopoulos finally was forced to acknowledge the attachment, but he hardly came across as truly apologetic.

No Strings

Meanwhile, evidence grows that the Clinton Foundation is primarily just a cash cow to benefit the Clinton family. Bill Clinton’s speaking fees rose astronomically once Hillary was seated in the secretary of state chair. As he infamously said, they have bills to pay.

How Much

He doesn’t seem the least bit embarrassed by his actions, but that’s typical for Bill Clinton. Despite the fact his presidency was a national embarrassment, he believes he can weather any storm.

The same goes for his wife. She has pretty much cut herself off from the media, some of whom are actually beginning to act like journalists—or are getting the message they’re being played and don’t like it. Trying to get Hillary to explain herself has become a fulltime profession.

You're in There

In one way, she’s not exactly like her husband:

Keep It Zipped

Pressed by Fox News’s Ed Henry, she finally took four questions from the traveling media circus surrounding her. Nothing to report there; the usual stonewalling and excuses.

Ready for Hillary

And that e-mail controversy is not going away either. Now we know for sure she lied about having only one account. Another has come to light, and she was using her office to help an acolyte named Sid Blumenthal make a profit on the chaos in Libya. She is claiming she wants the State Department to release all her e-mails. Well of course—she’s already “cleansed” the ones she sent to the department. Like her counterpart at the IRS, Lois Lerner, she did her best to destroy any trail that leads to her questionable actions:

Gov't Hackers

Hillary has taken a hit in some polls, but the real wonder is that there is anyone willing to put this untrustworthy person in the office of the presidency.


The point is that it’s not just Hillary who is corrupt. The entire Democrat machine partakes of the same corruption, and all too many who vote Democrat are blindly following their leaders.

Alternate Realities

Let’s make today “Catch Up Day” in Obamaworld and Clintonworld. In case you’re not sure what those are, those are alternate realities, outside the realm of what the rest of us experience.

If you watch the news, you know that the reporters are almost breathless over the drop in the unemployment rate. Why, it’s only 5.4% now, so Obama’s policies must be working. What they ignore, of course, is the rising number of people no longer in the workforce; we’re at the lowest percentage in decades. This is hardly a robust economy, but they do their best to make it seem as if it is:

It Moved

After all, we’re only in year six of Obamaworld. We have to give his policies time to work, right?

He’s also done his best to heal the racial problems and promote equality:

What Everyone Says

Then there’s his rather unique approach to foreign policy, which he views a little differently than most:

How Nice

If this disturbs you, there is another opportunity in 2016 to choose a new president. You can always opt for Hillary Clinton, who is very charitable:

Charity Begins

Well, at least she’s family-centered.

And don’t worry about those tiny little scandals. I’m sure there’s nothing to them, and there won’t be any new ones to arise:

Other Shoe

If such minor things bother you, all you have to do is ask her about them. She’s promised to be open and honest about everything.

One Question

That’s my Obamaworld and Clintonworld report for today. There will be more to come, you can be sure.

The Inevitable Hillary

The Hillary Clinton campaign is in stall mode, keeping her from the public and hoping that all the negative stories will somehow magically disappear. Of course, they have reason for hope, given the state of the mainstream media, but so far, it’s not happening.

The polls are rather disturbing for her, with one indicating only 25% believe she is honest and trustworthy. Frankly, I’m surprised she would poll that high on that subject. It’s really kind of laughworthy (if that’s a word) to see her running on the issue of restoring trust in government.

Restore Trust

For those of you who might be puzzled by the caption on that cartoon, let me remind you that at one time Hillary claimed to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who was the first to climb Mt. Everest. The only problem is that she was born before he accomplished that feat. That was no one-time stumble; she has a long history of telling whoppers. Yet she says we should trust her.

Hillary Pinnochio

Her other big problem is the total artificiality of her interactions with ordinary Americans. Everything is staged. She seems to need instructions for how to talk to them.

Great Silver Bird

In her defense, we should keep in mind how difficult it is to descend from her lofty position and be forced to intermingle with those who work for a living. It’s a tough transition:

Completely Coincidental

The polls also show, however, that she maintains strong support from Democrats, with about 75% still in favor of her nomination. There is no question but that she will be the nominee this time, which might actually be the best scenario for Republicans. There is nothing inevitable about Hillary—except for continued scandals and lies.