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Herman Cain & Principle

Obviously, I’ve been impressed by Herman Cain, or I wouldn’t spend so much time talking about him. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the potential problems with his candidacy. He’s going to have to be more careful with what he says, now that everyone is ready to play “gotcha” with any slip of the tongue. They did the same thing with Reagan back in the 1980 election. They called him just a grade-B movie actor, someone who didn’t have… Read more »

The Campaign Meets the Occupiers

The presidential campaign is more than up and running; it’s in high gear. Not only are Republican contenders lining up for the nomination, but President Obama is actively campaigning while officially calling it a “jobs tour.” That way all the taxpayers receive the distinct privilege of paying for it. For Republicans, the goal is clear: Those who want more fundamental change continue to search for the anti-Romney. They’re not convinced he is the real deal. Yet oddsmakers still put their… Read more »

Analyzing Cainmentum

A shift is taking place in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination race. In case you haven’t been watching, Herman Cain is either tied with or leading Mitt Romney in the latest surveys. This turnabout has stunned the establishment of the Republican party. They continue to consider Romney the inevitable candidate. On paper, that should be true—but paper truths are not always real. I’ve written previously of Cain’s many positives. Critics will raise negatives that must be taken seriously…. Read more »

Ponderings on the Values Voters Summit

Each year in D.C., family-friendly organizations sponsor the Values Voters Summit, which ends with a straw poll to determine which candidate comes closest to the traditional Judeo-Christian moral values of the attendees. Two controversies emanated from this year’s summit: the first had to do with Ron Paul emerging as the winner of the poll, despite the fact that other candidates had stronger credentials for pro-life and pro-traditional marriage stances; the second revolved around a comment by a pastor that Mormonism… Read more »

An Increasingly Fascinating Election Season

Politics can be full of surprises. Just when you think everything is set in granite, and when the pundits believe they’ve got it all scoped out, their worlds can be rocked: Last week, who really expected that Rick Perry would turn in such an awful debate performance? And the biggest shock of all? Looks like the frontrunners drew some rather short straws. Meanwhile, on the other side of the political spectrum, President Obama is trying to shore up what used… Read more »

Is Cain for Real?

This wasn’t supposed to happen. The Drudge Report called it a “shocker.” Rick Perry, not Herman Cain, was slated to win that Florida straw poll. That, of course, was prior to the infamous Perry meltdown in Thursday night’s debate. It was before Herman Cain could be found speaking to any and all who attended the straw poll, delivering speeches that brought crowds to their feet in delight. Perry’s expected win pre-dated the activities of The Hermanator [Cain’s own tongue-in-cheek name… Read more »

Ponderings on the Debate

I watched the entire two hours of the Republican presidential debate last night. I’m not going to try to analyze the performance of everyone on the stage; I don’t want to write a book this morning, just a blog post. So here are the highlights—the things that stood out to me. I want to like Rick Perry. I welcomed him to the race and hoped he would be “the man.” After last night, my estimation of him plunged. He was… Read more »